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This Number is calling from Los Angeles, California

Who Called Me From 323-456-4399?


Received a call from 323-456-4399. The man had a heavy india accent and said he was calling from Microsoft Tech Support and they had identified a virus on my computer. He wanted me to log into my computer and verify some information. Told him I was busy, didn't have time to deal with him. Hung up
Hackensack Man:
Why do people constantly answer the phone when they do not recognize the number calling? That is what caller ID is for.
4 years ago

Hackensack man

The usual Indian sounding accent. Just use your caller ID and do not answer the phone. Scam
I just got a call from the same number representing Microsoft Corp. The guy was really rude asking about my computer, I said that I could not understand what he was saying and he hang up. I called back to the number he called from 323-456-4399 just gave a busy tone. This is a scam. I don’t have any Microsoft computer
4 years ago
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