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This Number is calling from Twinsburg, Ohio

Who Called Me From 330-840-2637?


They call but leave no voice message. Am not anxious to know what they have to say. If you read this (owner of number) stop calling me.


Don't know anyone in Twinsburg, OH - won't be picking this call up. They are pretty persistent.


It's a survey for Verizon Wirless. If you've ported a number this survey will contact you and not leave a message.


Is this a legitimate survey...the guy yesterday was very obnoxious and persistent. He kept talking loudly and wouldn't respond to any of my questions. I hung up on him.


Agree with the previous reports -- this is an automated follow up survey from Verizon Wireless after initiating a number porting request.


I saw this number calling, but did not answer. I did port a number to Verizon just minutes earlier so this makes sense.


survey from verizon portabliity
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