Who is calling or texting me from area code 336?
Telemarketers? Debt Collectors? Scams?
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Area Code: 336

Location Info for Area Code 336

State/Province: North Carolina

Cities:   note: the number in parentheses is the prefix for that city

(200) Roaring Gap
(201) Winston Salem
(202) Greensboro
(205) Reidsville
(212) Burlington
(216) Asheboro
(219) W Jefferson
(220) Linwood
(224) Lexington
(233) Julian
(234) Milton
(241) Denton
(244) Elkin
(259) High Point
(262) N Wilkesboro
(281) King
(284) Woodleaf
(310) Kernersville
(313) Thomasville
(320) Mount Airy
(322) Roxboro
(325) Siloam
(351) Westfield
(352) Lowgap
(353) State Road
(356) Dobson
(359) Scottville
(364) Timberlake
(367) Boonville
(368) Pilot Mt
(371) Ararat
(372) Sparta
(376) Graham
(377) Stanleyville
(384) Lansing
(385) Creston
(388) Providence
(421) Prospect Hill
(427) Madison
(441) Summerfield
(446) Gibsonville
(452) Lomax
(454) Jamestown
(459) Yanceyville
(461) New London
(463) Courtney
(466) Hamptonville
(477) Mocksville
(495) Randleman
(515) Hays
(518) Yadkinville
(525) Snow Camp
(535) Shoal
(573) Stoneville
(581) Bennett
(589) Eden
(591) Walnut Cove
(593) Danbury
(595) Walkertown
(600) Oldtown
(620) Baldwin
(622) Liberty
(642) Rural Hall
(656) Monticello
(657) Ennice
(670) Mulberry
(697) Mc Leansville
(699) East Bend
(712) Clemmons
(737) Ramseur
(753) Harmony
(798) Richfield
(861) Trinity
(871) Sandy Ridge
(873) Seagrove
(879) Coleridge
(891) Ruffin
(909) Advance
(921) Boomer
(927) Thurmond
(945) Lewisville
(973) Purlear
(982) Nathans Creek
(984) Clingman
(994) Lawsonville


who is this

This is a scam Company: Andy Albright Company.. Do not answer or call back. then Block them.

Vehicle Protection Direct regarding extended vehicle warranty protection. Company is based out of Missouri and keeps calling without leaving a message. When asked to be on do not call list, they agree but say other companies using same call list might call.

Auto protection

They call very regularly. It's says Unknown caller or either Starnetincgre. The recorded announcement is about our Google listing. Don't know why they keep calling our business. I try to just ignore the call.

this is the 2nd time I have received text message from this number and I have no idea who it is and they won't give me direct information. These messages are worded as if we are friends/relatives or something. REAL friendly or shall I say TOO friendly.

diversified consultants - debt collector
samir shah:

A Lady Called from Dun

call my lawyer these people change their number more than i buy clothes they wait few months think forget what their voice sound but have not forgot your voice and never will and have list of all numbers you have used. Majic users ----

Diversified Collections

who is this

Not sure who they are, but the girl on the phone didn't say my name correctly so I told her she had the wrong number.

Called several times... seems like a scam

who are you you are not in my cell phone

Chris Brown left a voice mail to call back, when I returned the call he asked what type of business do you have so he could try to sell me a surveillance camera system. MY opinion - misrepresentation by not leaving who he was or why he called!!
Greentree buster:

Greentree Servicing spoofed number trying to collect a debt. Will call everyday and up to four times a day. Just pay the bill and do not answer. Not the nicest folks to deal with in conversation.

This is a call from Verizon Wireless regarding your past due account.

Just want to know who called me.

I'm bout to f**k with these guys

Fairly certain this is a citi bank collector.
Surface Sell:

I got got a text from this person. He offered me $950 when I asked for $850. He wanted me to ship to his fiancée. He didn't seem to understand that I won't do paypal.

Picked up and it was showing connected but nothing on the other end. ..called back and got Verizon message that this number is no longer in service.

calls me at least twice a week. never answer, no message left. call back, no answer.think it is spam.

someone called me from this number

Who is this ?
Andy C.:

Lady called looking for "Charles Marvelous" with return call requested at (800) 692-8469. Bunch of crap.

Responded to my post on Craigslist. I did not contact him back, because the email looked a lot like scam already, but googled the number he gave me, and found this. No doubt a scam. Dallas, TX.

Scammer, wanted to send me $750 for a computer via paypal. sent a fake paypal "payment notification" saying funds were held until I shipped the item. Paypal doesn't do this, it's obviously a scam.

just hit me up in kansas. Wanted to paypal me 400.
Marc C:

Watch out for these people. They are using numbers from different states. The latest was from Greensboro, NC 336-790-1790

I have had quite a few calls from this so called "Brian Ross" myself. Same scenario as everyone else with the threats etc... Only looking for my brother who lives over 200 miles from me. Fortunately, my phone provider allows me to block their numbers from calling upon request. I suggest anyone having issues with this scammer check with your phone companies and see what you can do to have their numbers blocked or 'blacklisted' from calling you, or maybe using their network for these illegal activities. MOST providers can and will help as much as possible. YES, I have filed a complaint with the FTC, Office of The Comptroller and a few other Federal agencies as well as my state police. Let's see "Brian Ross" worm his way out of this one. FYI, Harris Goldberg and Associates is on a Federal "Watch List" No links will be provided, but if you search a little, you just may find them.

They use the following "Names" and Numbers and I am sure this list will grow.

Brian Jacobson 336-790-1790 / 310-574-2268 / 281-823-7068 / 954-417-3673 / 888-302-3937
Brian Ross 336-790-1790 / 310-574-2268 / 281-823-7068 / 954-417-3673 / 888-302-3937
Harris Goldberg 336-790-1790 / 310-574-2268 / 281-823-7068 / 954-417-3673 / 888-302-3937
Steven Shaw 336-790-1790 / 310-574-2268 / 281-823-7068 / 954-417-3673 / 888-302-3937

Just tried hitting me up for an ad in Los Angeles
smarter than them:

called asking me to accept the call from Dunn and Bradstreet.

Told them not to call back and they keep calling...Its a scam.

Hope the FTC knocks these fools out of business

Calls everyday, sometimes more than once. Very annoying robot marketer.
Harrassed & Threatened:

A Mr. Jackson has called my home. He has identified himself as law enforcement to me. To co-workers he states that he is an attorney. He doesn't allow me to ask any questions. He just yells & tells me that I am going to be arrested. He has called my job & told several co-workers & supervisors that I have committed fraud. He has left messages on their voicemails & has even given co-workers detailed information about me including my social security #. When my son answered the phone at home, he told him that he was going to have his mother arrested. I know of nothing & tried to ask him to mail me documentation, but he can't even hear me because he is yelling so much. He is relentless & he is going to cause me to lose my job. Can anything be done?

I'm in Austin and he just contacted me via Craigslist. Total scammer.

I just got a phone call from a restricted number, they left a message saying "Hey Shannon this is Hank over at BIT please give me a call back at 336-617-5235." I did return the call and left a message on the machine saying he did not have to return my call as this was a church and I was not interested in purchasing anything. He immediately returned my call and said "Hey look I have some of my guys in the area and want to set up a time for them to come over and demo our wireless security system." I again told him that I was a church and not interested and he proceeded to say "I thought you said this was a church, I have never talked with someone so rude." and he hung up on me. Hence the post here, I could hear a bunch of telemarketers in the background, no doubt it is a scam of some kind.