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This Number is a land line number calling from Abbeville, Louisiana

Who Called Me From 337-385-9015?


this is a craigslist scammer. willing to pay $2500 total with shipping for a used double oven listed for $900.. never even looked at it. full of excuses not to speak in person.. What realy tipped Me off was I recognized His voice on His voicemail. a few monthes ago on a different transaction,, on a completely different item. I turned down a scam response pointing out that I knew He was a scammer. then later on,,,had a guy call Me asking all kinds of odd questions about the item up for sale, I remember this call well because there was no way that someone would pay that kind of money, for what was up for sale with out any knowledge on the subject. I suspect HE was feeling ME out. Creeeepy Weirdo... If you get any texts from this # call it and listen to His voice,its very memorable. Or even better, If you deal with craigslist a lot. call it and just listen for Your own knowledge and protection.
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