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Area Code: 347


Now this is supposedly from the social security in San Antonio, Tx but is actually from a scammer in South Richmond Hill, NY - don’t believe a word and report it!

Obvious scam claiming those in receipt of the call are offenders and need to contact them about clearing the charges.

Robo call?

The scenario described in all of these postings just played out for me. "Lisa" responded to my CL post (via text) for a coffee table I'm trying to sell for $150. She said that the table would be picked up by a courier and eventually shipped to her daughter in Canada by way of Nevada where two dogs were going to get scooped up from a vet, and that she'd send me a cashier's check for $1687, most of which I'd remit to the courier to pay for the shipping service. You don't need more than an elementary school education to detect dozens of red flags in her story. Who's going to pay ~$1,500 to a courier to transport a 10 year old coffee table from the east coast clear across the country to Nevada and then up to God-knows-where in Canada? To say this strains credulity is a massive understatement. I googled the number and, voila, this page appeared first, at which point all very obvious suspicions were confirmed. I'm going to report this to the proper authorities.

Same scam attempt for $50 teen dress listed on local MD Craigslist. Sent us a fake check from an Alaska credit union, for $980!, wanted us to cash it and give extra amt to "courier"... who was also shipping 2 dogs from NV to daughter in Canada. We knew it was a scam and this has been a valuable lesson for my daughter, but dammit I hate that this kind of stuff happens!

I just told lisa she was a f***ing a**hole.... yes Lisa too offered me a cashiers check for a table I am selling ...

I just told lisa she was a f***ing a**hole.... yes Lisa too offered me a cashiers check for a table I am selling ...

Lisa is a fake!!! Get a life. DONT fall for her scams everyone.

lol she also contacted me and i told her she should probably get a new number if she would like to successfully continue to scam people...

She wanted to buy a dress from me off of Craigslist and send me a cashiers check and will have a courier pick it up. I get that it’s fake, but where/how is the scam? I’m not sending her any money or items?

Complete scam
Its been around since 2005.

Please people dont fall for this!

Lisa gets around.
She was interested in a dress I had for sale. Wanted to know if I accept a cashier's check.
I told her no, cash only.
I knew it was a scammer.
People need to get a real life!

I got a message from "Lisa" for the ring I posted on craigslist offering me a bank cashier's check. Sounds fishy, I ask her only of we could me at a bank and authenticate the check first.

Same thing!! Im selling a 4 piece entertainment center on Craigslist and Lisa texted me asking if I would take a cashiers check. When I asked her about pick up she stated it would be picked up by a courier and delivered to her daughter in Canada. I texted her back stating I wasn’t comfort with the transaction and I’m declining the offer. Please be aware of this!! I worked in a bank for many years and I saw this almost daily!

Just happened to me right now. Wanted a wedding dress I posted on Craigslist. Lisa texted me to ship it to her daughter in canada. How do we stop her/him?

this number claims is PCH I called a real PCH and I was told they never call any one and usually person must apply and he/she will be assigned a Number I Was told this is a fraud

Said that she was the Feds and had arrest warrant on me for back taxes and tax fraud. This is the 7th time I've had these threatening calls, all different voices, all different numbers! Total scam!!!

She wanted to buy a gun from me and sent me a check without any of the information I asked for. No Federal firearms license and address to ship to, no personal copy of identification for my records and today after I get the check she finally texted me so I googled it and found this. I requested her to give me an address and person to send it back to but she quit contacting me. She said she was from Arizona but the check was from a company in Florida drawn from a bank in Connecticut and now I find out her number is from New York. So now I have a dilemma of what to do with the check, shred it or take it to the police.
Garry Lawson:

Crooks are calling me from 347-204-6842

Received call regarding tax fraud scam
carol pokad:

received call from 347 609-5265

Lisa wants to buy my dog that is listed on Craigslist with the cashier's check. I don't have a dog listed on Craigslist but I do have a baby swing. I responded to someone who asked me to email them back about the swing. And now Lisa is attempting to scan me. Lisa needs to get a life!

"Lisa" via phone#:347-464-2338, tried to buy 2 of my daughter's dresses off Craig's List today. She wanted to pay with a cashier's ck .... and said she wanted to ship dresses to grand daughter in Canada. It pays to listen to your instincts.

David Oscar called me today and it was the same as Allen's call, Publishers Clearing House

Also got a text from Lisa about buying a saddle with a cashier's check. Seemed kind of fishy as it is a NYC area code and I am in Ohio.

Just got a text from Lisa. She wants to buy my saddle with a cashiers check.

"My name is Lisa. I'm interested in the dress. Do you accept cashiers check??" Definitely a scam. Will see where it goes.

Received a call from a person (David Oscar) representing Publisher Clearing House congratulating me on winning 2.5 million dollars which could only be claimed by paying a $2,500 tax fee. be on alert. (347) 913-0980

Lisa contacted me trying to get me to take a cashiers check.

Got a call stating I was in serious trouble, had my doubts as message did NOT start at beginning with any name or reference to who was calling.

Is this number a scam 347-990-2304

Lisa asked me to buy her daughter a wheel chair with an electronic check and said I would make a great caretaker for her when she moves to Nevada... definitely a scam.

I got a text similar to Donna's about a saddle I am selling. I've had so many scam texts since putting my saddle on Craig's List that I automatically check the phone number first. So happy I do that.
LV Strong:

Just got a text “Hello, i went through your profile and you live close, you will be a great nanny for my daughter. Kindly contact me at lisawilliams0007@gmail.com. Waiting to read from you.“ luck I Googled the number like I usually do

Messaged me about a saddle. I said I coukd, and then asked me to ship it, and looked up number, and my suspicions were correct

Received text from this number offering $100 extra to 'hold' the item. Offered to pay by cashiers check and shipper will pick it up. Considering it was a $700 dollar item and we were one thousand miles apart, I replied that I had to hold the check until it cleared. He then reported me to craigslist as a fraudulent add. Vindictive ass wipe.