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This Number is calling from Brooklyn, New York

Who Called Me From 347-464-2338?




Who called me, she said Lisa. Says it is a New York number. I HAVE NO IDEA Who she is..
I just received a text message from that number ask would i take a bank check for some wheels that I have for sell, NOT
5 months ago
I received the same message as Busa. Do not fall for this scam
5 months ago
I received a text from "Lisa" as well asking about taking a bank check for some dresses I was selling. This is definitely a scam.
4 months ago
"Lisa" wants to send me a bank cashier check for a saddle I am selling. I think I will give her the mailing address of the local police station. Fun with scammers.
4 months ago


I received a call from "Lisa" asking about a saddle I am selling, and wanting to pay with a bank check.
Boy "Lisa" sure does have an eclectic taste in items.

Ditto Anita "Lisa" responded to a craigs list ad I have for a saddle for sale offering a cashier check. Thanks all for posting - did seem suspicious so this feedback is helpful
3 months ago
"Lisa" wants my resume as she thinks I would make a good nanny for her daughter as I live close. I am in Missouri.
3 months ago
yep...glad I checked it out...seemed fishy- wants a dress and to give me a local bankers check.
3 months ago
"Lisa" wants to know if I will accept bank cashiers check for a prom dress. No.
1 month ago
I just got a text from Lisa asking if I would except a cashier's check for my wedding dress I have posted on Craigslist.
2 weeks ago


Messaged me about a saddle. I said I coukd, and then asked me to ship it, and looked up number, and my suspicions were correct

LV Strong

Just got a text “Hello, i went through your profile and you live close, you will be a great nanny for my daughter. Kindly contact me at lisawilliams0007@gmail.com. Waiting to read from you.“ luck I Googled the number like I usually do
got the same message
3 months ago


I got a text similar to Donna's about a saddle I am selling. I've had so many scam texts since putting my saddle on Craig's List that I automatically check the phone number first. So happy I do that.
Just a text from Lisa. She offered a bank check fir a dress i am selling. NOPE.
3 months ago


Lisa asked me to buy her daughter a wheel chair with an electronic check and said I would make a great caretaker for her when she moves to Nevada... definitely a scam.
Ditto with a dress that I am selling on Craigslist. Said her name was Lisa and wanted to give me a cashier's check. SCAM
8 hours ago


Lisa contacted me trying to get me to take a cashiers check.
I just got a text from Lisa asking if I would except a cashier's check for my wedding dress I have posted on Craigslist.
4 days ago


"My name is Lisa. I'm interested in the dress. Do you accept cashiers check??" Definitely a scam. Will see where it goes.


Just got a text from Lisa. She wants to buy my saddle with a cashiers check.


Also got a text from Lisa about buying a saddle with a cashier's check. Seemed kind of fishy as it is a NYC area code and I am in Ohio.
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