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This Number is calling from Brooklyn, New York

Who Called Me From 347-464-2338?


I got scammed too. Wanted to buy my laptop and paid me way more to pay for a courier service to send my laptop and two dogs.
8 months ago


Who called me, she said Lisa. Says it is a New York number. I HAVE NO IDEA Who she is..
I just received a text message from that number ask would i take a bank check for some wheels that I have for sell, NOT
1 year ago
I received the same message as Busa. Do not fall for this scam
1 year ago
I received a text from "Lisa" as well asking about taking a bank check for some dresses I was selling. This is definitely a scam.
1 year ago
"Lisa" wants to send me a bank cashier check for a saddle I am selling. I think I will give her the mailing address of the local police station. Fun with scammers.
1 year ago


I received a call from "Lisa" asking about a saddle I am selling, and wanting to pay with a bank check.
Boy "Lisa" sure does have an eclectic taste in items.

Ditto Anita "Lisa" responded to a craigs list ad I have for a saddle for sale offering a cashier check. Thanks all for posting - did seem suspicious so this feedback is helpful
1 year ago
"Lisa" wants my resume as she thinks I would make a good nanny for her daughter as I live close. I am in Missouri.
1 year ago
yep...glad I checked it out...seemed fishy- wants a dress and to give me a local bankers check.
1 year ago
"Lisa" wants to know if I will accept bank cashiers check for a prom dress. No.
1 year ago
I just got a text from Lisa asking if I would except a cashier's check for my wedding dress I have posted on Craigslist.
1 year ago
I received a message saying it was Lisa and she was interested in buying my dress I had posted con Craig's list for her daughter. She also said she was going to mail me a cashiers check from a local bank. She also asked me if she could add money to the check and pay it to the mail courier she was arranging to pick up the dress to send to Canada.It seemed pretty fake so I Google the number and this iswhat I found! I will definitely report it to the police.
Thank you everyone

1 year ago
Just got a Text... buying off of Craigslist. Cashiers check... courier will pick up. SCAM
4 months ago


Messaged me about a saddle. I said I coukd, and then asked me to ship it, and looked up number, and my suspicions were correct

LV Strong

Just got a text “Hello, i went through your profile and you live close, you will be a great nanny for my daughter. Kindly contact me at lisawilliams0007@gmail.com. Waiting to read from you.“ luck I Googled the number like I usually do
got the same message
1 year ago


I got a text similar to Donna's about a saddle I am selling. I've had so many scam texts since putting my saddle on Craig's List that I automatically check the phone number first. So happy I do that.
Just a text from Lisa. She offered a bank check fir a dress i am selling. NOPE.
1 year ago


Lisa asked me to buy her daughter a wheel chair with an electronic check and said I would make a great caretaker for her when she moves to Nevada... definitely a scam.
Ditto with a dress that I am selling on Craigslist. Said her name was Lisa and wanted to give me a cashier's check. SCAM
1 year ago


Lisa contacted me trying to get me to take a cashiers check.
I just got a text from Lisa asking if I would except a cashier's check for my wedding dress I have posted on Craigslist.
1 year ago


"My name is Lisa. I'm interested in the dress. Do you accept cashiers check??" Definitely a scam. Will see where it goes.
me too, she said the same - for her daughter in Canada. told her cash only. lol
1 year ago


Just got a text from Lisa. She wants to buy my saddle with a cashiers check.


Also got a text from Lisa about buying a saddle with a cashier's check. Seemed kind of fishy as it is a NYC area code and I am in Ohio.
D ware:
Just got a text from the same “Lisa” from ‭ 1 (347) 464-2338‬ asking me if I will accept a cashiers check for wedding dress I have for sale. Well, Lisa, no I won’t and I’m not exactly sure where you are from our who you think you are trying to fool but there are good people out there who are smart enough to see through your scams. Those people are family people and hard workers who EARN their money for a living by hard work and dedication unlike people like you! So Lisa, no I won’t take a cashiers check but the bail bondsman might!
1 year ago
Lisa texted me to give me a cashier's check for a wedding dress on Craigslist and to ship it to her daughter in Canada. when told her must pick up in person, no more reply, told her what a scam.
1 year ago


"Lisa" via phone#:347-464-2338, tried to buy 2 of my daughter's dresses off Craig's List today. She wanted to pay with a cashier's ck .... and said she wanted to ship dresses to grand daughter in Canada. It pays to listen to your instincts.


Lisa wants to buy my dog that is listed on Craigslist with the cashier's check. I don't have a dog listed on Craigslist but I do have a baby swing. I responded to someone who asked me to email them back about the swing. And now Lisa is attempting to scan me. Lisa needs to get a life!


She wanted to buy a gun from me and sent me a check without any of the information I asked for. No Federal firearms license and address to ship to, no personal copy of identification for my records and today after I get the check she finally texted me so I googled it and found this. I requested her to give me an address and person to send it back to but she quit contacting me. She said she was from Arizona but the check was from a company in Florida drawn from a bank in Connecticut and now I find out her number is from New York. So now I have a dilemma of what to do with the check, shred it or take it to the police.


Just happened to me right now. Wanted a wedding dress I posted on Craigslist. Lisa texted me to ship it to her daughter in canada. How do we stop her/him?
I don't know how "she" can be stopped, but almost nothing pisses me off more
4 months ago
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