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This Number is calling from Bronx, New York

Who Called Me From 347-641-9239?




This number is a scam, email you telling you that your phone # has won the Super Lotto Plus, and wants you to send all you information so that they can transfer the money into your account.
This is a scam. I told him , I was going to call the police and he hung up. Please don't do it. And there is also an email from James Normon..
3 years ago


450,000 US dollars, they have been calling me all day saying he calling from City Bank, i asked why you calling from a Metro PCS phone, he said the bank has no phones!!!! HaHa ever heard of that!!! Nigerian or something i seen this on DateLine not getting me Identity stole from these people


Yes it's a scam said they would send 450,000 us dollars don't do it don't believe it want all your info to steal ur identity


It is a stupid scam no phones in a bank please. LOL what a waste of time.

King leo

It is a f***ing scam!!!! Delete that sh*t..
Pamela Chapple:
They got me for a lot of money.50 thousand .im 61 and I didnt know it was a scam .
3 years ago
R Smith:
can somebody contact me with a number so I can turn Him in he thinks I'm post call him back tomorrow after going by the bank
3 years ago


Is there anyone that can help me ? Any lawyers I can get?


I am having this same issue with this scam as I type this. This guy asked for my I'd and a lot of other info. I requested he send me his photo ID from citibank. In just a few moments I got the email with his citibank ID. He is using the name William Rhodes. I looked the name up on google. The real guy is 79 years old and retires from citibank. Glad I didn't send my identification.


I received a text stating that I had won 450,000. I received a call from a gentleman saying that I needed to send him all this information. I asked, if I won and you have my address sent the check. He sent and email for me to put all my banking info, scam ID, etc. I replied on that email that this was definitely a scam and that I was reporting this action to the proper authorities. I also stated, a professional bank rep with a cell phone and no business phone or address, ???? Right.
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