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This Number is calling from Bronx, New York

Who Called Me From 347-974-1506?


i want to know why this number keeps calling me
just recieved a call saying they were from US Government Grant office. Gave me this # to call to recieve my grant money to give a ID# and I am on my way to get grant money
1 year ago
I just got the same call telling me to call this number to receive grant money. Did either of you happen to find out if this was a scam? I want some grant money! ha.
1 year ago


I got the call saying I got a certain amount of money there was Unreal and I put the number in Google and it's a scam number so don't call it please you'll be sorry cuz it's nothing but a big scam


i just got a call saying i was going to receive 9,200 in grant money I was very suspicious so I did my own research and this is a scam. They sound so legit but when they mentioned Western Union or MoneyGram I knew something was up. Here are the numbers they called 347-974-1506 xt 117 and 702-659-0086. They also sounded like they had harsh accent's but had Jim Smith as a last name.


Received Call from another number 702-659-0086 (Las Vegas) and said to call 347-974-1506 in order to claim $9,300 in grant money. This is a scam don't do it. I get these calls all the time. I don't know what kind of call list I've signed up for but I get these calls from different numbers/same deal at least 3 times a week.
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