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Area Code: 347 (Page 13/13)

Location Info for Area Code 347

State/Province: New York

Cities:   note: the number in parentheses is the prefix for that city

(200) Brooklyn
(201) New York
(202) Bronx
(215) Staten Island
(220) Manhattan
(229) Saint Albans
(230) Far Rockaway
(231) Woodside
(233) South Richmond Hill
(235) Bayside
(253) Jamaica
(256) Flushing
(380) White Plains
(561) Forest Hills
(563) Rego Park
(585) Whitestone
(648) Long Island City
(862) Yonkers
(881) Ridgewood


This number is comimg from a website promotion company saying that they will increase your web ranking. But if you ask them some questions you will find that they are only a fraud. Stay away from them
Eli Eisenberg:


Some guy introduced himself as "Yerucham," and when I inquired, "Yerucham who?" he insulted me ("I'll call you back after you cool off in 6 months") and hung up. Very strange.

This is a dangerous stalker of women that are on online dating sites. He claims to be a man named "Ray" from California and New York living bi-coastal. He also claims to be a movie producer. From what his profile and photos suggest, he is of Indian heritage.
When women welcome him, he is friendly, but when they start to back off, he becomes degrading, derogatory, offensive, and harassing. He also sends pictures of other women to various numbers.
This number is also linked to:
347-662-7066 (claiming to be a red haired man named Jacob, but revealed to be the same identity as this)
and 718-414-4865.
Any further information can be made in an official police report as these numbers are filed with the officials.
Anony Mouse:

Corporate Tax Network

Legitimate call requesting my vote on a corporate reorganization.

I was looking for a place to rent on "forrentbyowner.com" and found a nice two-story house with 3car garage in Orlando fl, for $900 (including utilities). Called the number a few times but got no answer. The next day we recieved a text saying the house is still available and to text an email address where the rental application can be sent. We did that and after printing out the agreement to fill out I noticed there was nothing asking for a drivers license number or ss# to verify who WE were, so that seemed sketchy to me.. I then tried calling the number back, no answer. I then texted and asked if he could contact me because I wanted to go over details about to residence over the phone. He then stated that he has secured a construction saftey contract in Manchester, UK and is unable to use his NY number (347)974-2072 to make international calls. He gave us an international looking number to contact him on, but of course we are also unable to call internationally. We then went on a property-appraisal website and typed in the address of this house; come to find out it had been sold on March 15 2013 to a woman. He also sent us pictures of 'his family' after we showed concern about this being too good to be true. So basically we are convinced this is a scam given the info we researched ourselves.. If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. Lesson learned... Beware ( :

I found an ad on Craigslist for a house for rent in Aurora, CO. The owner had a sap story about an accident/physical disability and how she had to go stay with her mother (saying this number was the text line at her mother's house) in NYC to get further treatment for her injuries. She said she lost her hearing during the accident (presumably so that I would not ask to talk to her on the phone). The name used was Kimberly Kloak (and husband Brian Kloak), email address: 7679388@gmail.com. She said she didn't want to go through a realtor because she didn't trust people. When I asked to see the place, she made the excuse that she was out of town and couldn't, but told me to go check out the exterior of the place to see if I liked it. She even went so far as to tell me to peer in the windows and then tried to send me the rental agreement. I asked her if she could send a key to a relative, friend, or old neighbor so I could look inside.

In the meantime, awaiting her response, my friend found this lady's name on FB. It is either a real, live person that the scam artist knows, or a very elaborate set-up. On the page you can see a picture of the lady, that she is married to the man she said she was, and a picture of her and her supposed sister with a ton of comments from different people offering their condolences. I wasn't concerned until she responded to the email. She said she didn't feel comfortable doing that (sending a key to a relative, friend, or former neighbor to show me the place) because she didn't really trust anyone... but then she sent me pictures of the inside of the house and told me how much I'd like the place. I flat out told her that this sounded like a scam and that I wouldn't commit to anything until I had either the keys, or a tour. She still hasn't responded, but I just checked and the link to the Craigslist ad was taken down as spam already.

craigslist scammer

Got a text message today that said: "WARNING! Someone looked up this phone # on Loser###der.com. (Once in lifetime courtesy message)
John B.:

Michael- great massage therapist

No message left

Always leaves a voice mail but no one ever talks. Is calling at least 4 times a day all times of the day

a woman called our spa in Los Angeles, from this number, asking how much we charge for Swedish massage. When we asked how did you get our #, she just hung up on us.

They ring but do not leave a message. Probably a telemarketer.

caller will not say the name of agencies they are calling from. it is a debt collector!!!!!

They call me every day and ask me for somebody what I don't know how is, I'm tired

I got a call from this number stating I had a loan. My wife talked to them but they would not cooperate with her. They told her if she really cared about me she will tell me they called. After several back and forth calls my wife tells me they cursed her out. I finally call back and he immediately starts been rude. I tell him to speak clearly because I could not understand his muslim accent, he fires back with I

This is a fraud/scam. Do not go to the website, do not give them any money.

Liam's email has a typo. The correct email is Liam2113@yahoo.com. Apologies.

Eitan Kimelman owns this number and many others. He owns many bogus telecommunication companies. HE lives in Brooklyn, NYC. He scams and pranks and steals and threatens people for his own pleasure along with his 2 brothers. I can give you information on them if you email me at Liam2013@yahoo.com


Trying to buy something from me with bad check!

The caller identifies himself as DEA and extorts money from helpless old women. Hang up immediately!

in Feb 2013 an organization calling itself Consortium Manufacturers is trying to tell a senior citizen friend of mine that they owe for back taxes. They call from 347 441 3053. I called, using *67 to block my name, and an answering machine with a male voice from India answered, but used a different company name.

Internet scammer preying on Craigslist postings. Do not provide any information.

Keeps calling and there's no answer on the the other end,but there is a first caller3477329656. Caller I'd reads talk1on1,there is no answer on the other end

James was requesting personal info for what I thought was a loan application. They ended up getting 200 out of me. SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!


A man I met on the dating site Zoosks.com wanted me to text him via this number....

he runs my Boat, and we have an agreement to the middle of next year, i have been calling and no response

Whoever make these calls should die in a very very bad accident, or get hit by a drunk driver or get shot randomly by a psycho with a gun!

Shes a home wrecker calling and texting plp man her name is natasha davis

This is a scammer who uses an electronic robo-caller to detect whether a number is "live.” NEVER pick up an unknown number and NEVER call it back. Both actions tell the electronic robo-caller that it has reached a "live" number, which automatically causes it to (1) continue to call you forever and (2) forward your number to other scammers who pay one another to share numbers (which means that they will start robo-calling you too).