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This Number is a land line number calling from Shelton, Washington

Who Called Me From 360-358-5308?

Annoyed in Denver

This numbers call every night. It is a recording from an "Amber". The call does not complete. We are on the Do Not Call list and yet they call every night.


this # called at 11:00 am (we never answer the land line anymore until we hear and recognize a voice) they did not leave a message.also on no call list.


Once again, this is another robot-call company, called "Amber", I only hang up. It is another one of those telemarketing companies the wants to collect information from people. Since those polls are phony, I don't respond. Instead, I block that number. There are too many hucksters, scams, criminals, and other phonies out there. They will get NO information from me! Since I blocked their number with my call rejection service, they can have fun trying to reach me! How much more goofy are things going to get with those robot-caller pranks? This is, most likely, another fraud!
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