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This Number is calling from S Salt Lake, Utah

Who Called Me From 385-313-3974?


Called a business. Female caller asked for someone that we do not know and is not employed here. After informing caller there was no one here by that name, she became indignant so I ended the call. The individual called back from 385-313-3974 to harass and threaten at which point I AGAIN ended the call. Will be reporting this. Oh, and plenty of background noise. HIGHLY UNPROFESSIONAL AND LIKELY ILLEGAL.


Male called any made a rude sexual proposition


This call has come in on my cell three times. When I try to call back, there is a recording that says this number is not in service.


Returned call and was a recording saying this number is out of service? Yeah right!! :/


They state very clearly that they are going to serve papers at either my home or place of employment. They state that I will lose all rights when I am served the papers. It is illegal to state that they will sue, if there is no intent to do so. Since in the first message they state that it will happen by 5 that day and that was a month ago. When I ask for a fax number to send a cease and desist notice, they hang up. They refuse to give me the name most times and also refuse to give me a valid fax number. If I ask questions they try to get me to give them a case number. They seem to like to hang up. I have gotten calls from this and another number, both seem to be the same company, but maybe there is just more than one company that uses the same methods in such a short period of time, but I doubt it. I have filed complaints against both numbers with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and I advise all to do the same. It is easy and only takes a few minutes. The more that file, the more likelihood that they will be caught and punished properly for their actions. I really don't mind taking a few minutes to help assist in ending their tactics.


Answered and they would mockingly say Hello Hello after me then hung up???


We've noticed this number will do a partial ring, hang up, and ring back. If you don't let the phone ring one whole ring, caller-id doesn't work. That said, when I did pick up, the Indian sounding individual asked me about medical information, very personal medical info. I told him never to call back and remove me as I'm on federal do-not-call.

He proceeded to tell me he'd keep calling back over and over. Then, he launched into a barely intelligible rant about sex, dogs, and blood. Couldn't make out most of it.

Upgrading to Ooma plus so I can block these scumbags.


They keep calling me but do not leave a message.


1-385-313-3974 called at 5:47 AM today and woke up household.
They need to be arrested and heavily fined.


Recorded message saying "This is card serves, and this is your 3rd and final notice, etc." then I hung up


This # has been turned over to the Kentucky Attorneys Generals office...will let them go after these idiots.


Very early this morning, I received a call from this number. They said my banking accounts had been blocked. Please hold for security. I hung up. Called back and a recording told me this was a non-working number.SWho should I report this scam to?

Bob Snyder

It's a scam. Received call from Utah # 202-313-3974 and was told I had been chosen to receive a US Government grant for $7000. Answered some questions and was told to call 202-738-1691 to get the grant. I called that number and was told in order to receive the grant that I needed to send them a $200 security deposit via Western Union or thru a MoneyPak voucher available at Walgreens, CVS, 7-11, etc.
Naturally I didn't send them any money. I told "Cynthia" (who had an Indian accent and therefore most likely a Buddist background) that she was totally screwing her Karma by stealing good people's money and that her Karma would pay her back. Then we politely said goodbye to each other and hung up.


Daily phone calls received from this number for past 2 weeks. Only once was a message left and it was only a partial message: "this is legal affairs of the department of the treasury" then the caller hung up. It was a female voice with what seemed like a Hispanic accent.


Received call and very friendly female told me my horoscope and asked if I would like to join her for dinner. We went out and had a wonderful time. At the end of the date she asked to urinate on me. Although I was interested, I thought it was a bit much for the first date, especially since I met her through a random call. I told her no and she said she will continue to call everyday until I change my mind. The calls have kept coming but I'm not still not ready for her urine. However, I am hoping we can see a movie together this weekend.
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