Who is calling or texting from 401-562-1467?
Telemarketers? Debt Collectors? Scams?
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This Number is a land line number calling from Warwick, Rhode Island

Who Called Me From 401-562-1467?


This number called me when i was in school.

Phone Cop

Just got a call on a cell phone that is used for outgoing emergency call purposes only. No message left. Caller unidentified at this time.


Called today 4-28-14


Got a call from this number while I was in class today. I don't know anyone in RI. Didn't leave a message.


Found a call from this number on my cell phone to day (April 28 2014).


just received a call from this number 4-29-14


Got a call on my cell today also. Didn't answer. No message left. Likely a phone dialing scheme. I've had some recently to my cell.


Answered, said FBI reports record number of break ins....free security system if you allow them to put a sign in your yard. Hung up and blocked them.


same song next verse-seems someone or something is desperately seeking susan-my recording said to press any # to stop further calls from that #. wonder how many they dial B4 they hit an idiot--jst sayin-does anyone trust them fools ??


Said..press any number to be removed from this list. it was take 24-48 hours. I missed a call from this number 4-28-14. I called back today 4-29-14. this was the recording. hmmmmm.
my response is the same

5 years ago


Received a call 12:15 pm 4/30/14, i did not pick up and the caller did not leave a message.

Some Asian Guy

Received a call at 6:32 pm on 4/30/14. Didn't pick up, left no message


4:42pm voicemail. no message. 4-30-2014


Said push ne number to be removed from this list

Snake Pliskin

The company calling identified himself as a security specialist. They are trying to sell home security systems. Hang up on them. The guy tried to make himself sound like a law enforcement official. He told me gang bangers in the chicago area where i live, were breaking into homes looking for weapons. I explained to him our household is heavily armed and would handle any break in with deadly force and a smile. Our rights by illinois law. He went on to say others have been beaten and raped. High pressure sales call!!
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