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Who Called Me From 404-334-7191?


A person by the name of Nancy Dixon called my job about a pending case against me for fraud of writing checks. I have not have a bank account in over 5 years and had to deal with similar calls like this. I don't understand how these calls keep filtering through, harrassing people, and using different numbers.


rec a call from Nancy Dixon stating I owed money and would be arrested today if it wasn't paid...when asked for details she would provide none, got very nasty, eventually hung up...SCAM.......404 area code is the Alanta Ga. area, I live in Cincinnati.....SCAM.....


A lady by the name of Nancy Dixon called my home and left a message with my son saying that it was a warrant out for my arrest. So I returned her call and she said I need to pay 1700 today and also stated that they were coming to my job to arrest me if I didn pay. I was so upset and scared. She really couldn't give me any information. When I had lawyer to call her she would not say any thing and she got angry cause she was asking alot of questions and hung up the phone. Please don'do not talk to these ppl and I repeat don't give them any information. What type of business person would leave that kind of information with a child. I informed the police department.
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