annoyed said:

They called me regarding a home security system. The nerve of them for disurbing me on my cell phone while at work. Random digit dialing advertisements should be banned. Luckily my phone has a "block caller" feature.


klb25 said:

Calls cell repeatedly, leaves no message.


wth said:

calls no message and doesn't answer when i call them back nor is there a machine or message just rings and rings.

Do not call list

Do not call list said:

I called back and there was an automated machine that states "If you would liked to be put on our do not call list, please press a key at any time, this may take 12 to 24 hours to process" I pressed a key and then it automatically hung up on me.


Anonymous said:

received an annoymous call from this number.. attempted to call back, hopefully they will not call again.


tiffany said:

I keep receiving calls from this number..leaves no message and just rings when i call it back


Anonymous said:

It's a fake company that had an Indian guy saying they were in walk lake city Utah and their company name is home security systems which is not real. I asked for a manager or a supervisor yet his"manager was on vacation and he didn't know where any supervisors were. I asked for a number to call him back on and he would not give me one. This is a SPAM DANGEROUS POSSIBLE IDENTITY STEALING OR SECRET PHONE CHARGING PIECES OF sh*t PEOPLE

Please share your experience with 406-577-1225.

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