Who is calling or texting from 407-476-0975?
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This Number is calling from Orlando, Florida

Who Called Me From 407-476-0975?


They text you scams
their website was created 6 days ago. report them to gov fraud websites.
5 years ago

Jerry S

got this text saying I won a prize. Since I entered several raffles this weekend I followed up. Nothing but a scam. my area code is 402, not 407 and that should have been my first red flag.


Received a text saying I won a trip to the Bahamas. Did not respond.


Got a text from 407-476-0975 to call and verify my free tickets. Did not respond

pissed off

Same here, 407 476 0975 saying call to claim prize.


Fraudulent text message claiming I have prizes to claim. Do not respond to this number.


got this txt that i won prize and to call the number for more info decided noit to


Just received a text from sdazplaetoine@monthlyvacationsdeals.com saying I won a trip to the Bahamas. Left the same number to call 407-476-0975. I didn't waste my time responding.


Same. Got a text from kersahy@carribeancruises.mobi just a few minutes ago. I don't give my cell phone number out unless I am sure where it's going. Message stated: "You have won a vacation to the Bahamas 407 476/0975"

Also, "Caribbean" is spelled incorrectly in the email address. Fools. Did not respond.


I just received a cellphone message that I earned 2 tickets on their ship! to call this number (407)-476-0975 they should throw those scammers to the sharks. I know money is hard to come by these days, i lost a house cause of scams and went next to nothing except with enough to cover rental costs..
forgot to mention the email address i received the message from isggsnwlvzvk@carribeancruises.com so why are scammers allow to make up fake websites?
5 years ago
the man:
They don't make fake websites... you can spoof an email address fairly easily
5 years ago


received text message from this number saying there was monthly drawing and I had placed first. Thanks for all your postings, because now I know it's fake and I will not respond to this number.


Just received a text "You've won! Dial 407-476-0975" I have not responded!


Your membership has entitled you to a complimentary trip on the sea! Call:407476/0975 *nit a member of any thing its a scam


Received a text from this email duuoztubvgyrb@endofyearspecials.net saying You took 1st place in our drawing asking me to call 407-476-0975. I didn't respond.
I got the same test just now...good that i saw this site first before responding. thanks for the notes here, its a fake call.
5 years ago


Received text stating I won a trip to Bahamas. To call this number.
I textra back you won a trip to quam.

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