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This Number is a land line number calling from Sanford, Florida

Who Called Me From 407-708-0328?


THIS IS A SCAM! Number comes back to both Sanford, FL and Lake Mary, FL.
Male, speaking crappy english, claimed to be calling to give me the info I supposedly requested about a loan. I never requested any such thing, and let him know loud & clear! Strange that he knew my last name, and called me on a family members cell.....


keep e mailing me .i would delete the message and then called me on my house phone .how did he get my e mail and my phone number ? said i had asked for information ..NOT TRUE ..yes a scam !!!

Bank of England

Dear Jackie and Ann,

We are actually the mortgage division of the Bank of England, located in Lake Mary, FL. We must have received an online inquiry into refiancing or buying a new home referencing your numbers. Please visit our website at www.boeorlando.com. Please contact us there if you have any questions or concerns.

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