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This Number is a land line number calling from San Jose, California

Who Called Me From 408-503-6352?


My boyfriend got a call from this number and they wanted to make him pay over $7,000.00 for a loan that he was supposed to have received from National Loans, they threatened him by saying he was going to go to jail, and they were going to take him to court and he better have a lawyer. He never received a loan from such a place and he if would've, he would have paid it.
Lisa- I received a similar call from this number yesterday.
I have never heard of National Loans and when I asked for details they got very defensive. I was also unable to understand the name of the person or firm calling. Did you happen to get that information or find any information about the law firm?

5 years ago
I also got a call from this number saying I had borrowed a loan through National Loans in the amount of $300.00 and it I did not pay it there will be a warrant out under my name. He advice me to write a letter making a payment with the letter stating: I ________, with SS # ending in would like to say it was not my intention it was a miscommunication I don't wish to dispute this any longer. I agree to the settlement of $300 and the legal fee of $200.00. However if I owe the money I will pay it. So today I called the number back and a gentleman by the name of Randhir Kang stated to send a money gram to a lady name Heather Owens.
5 years ago
Do not pay it, it is a scam. They called me today and I have never gotten a payday loan from them and I can prove it from my bank statements. I also told them I knew they were a scam and they got very defensive and told me I would be receiving something at my home address. I never got a payday loan from them,it is a scam, do not send them any money. They try to scare you with legal jargon, meanwhile try to keep you on the phone will all this stuff that is not correct.
5 years ago


I received a call from a Randhir Kang at this number (408)503-6352 at my place of employment yesterday. He is claiming that I owe for a PayDay loan thru National Loans in the amount of $300. I tried to get information as to when was I given that loan in my account. He told me that he could not tell me until I went to court. He read me the waiver and asked that I not interrup him. I grudgingly let him go on. When I asked him to email a copy of the signed paperwork he stated that he could only fax me a copy of the statement. He was getting very very short with me. I then advised him to "Cease and Desist" calling me at my work phone number. I tried to get as much information from him. But-He was getting very upset with me when I asked the questions. He threatened me with a Lawsuit in the amount of $7,985 for us going to court and that I would end up in jail. His tone was very very threatening.

He just called me again today. I truly believe that this is a scam. And I believe it with all my heart. I did request a copy of the bill/invoice for the money but all he sent me was a letter stating that I owed the money and for how much. I requested for a 2nd time that He Cease and Desist calling me at work. I went on about why my attorney would not call them to discuss the situation. He was starting to get rude. Soooo Before it could go on any further I reminded him that this is a 2nd Cease and Desist request to now call me at work. I then politely hung up because he had called me at work. I do not think he was paying attention about the Cease and Desist. Advised him that he was doing things illegally against the WA State code. He did not seem to care.

The Name of the Company he was calling from was Challa Law Offices. Which when I googled it there was a CA office which is attached to this 408 #.
5 years ago


Oh my god, I am so glad that I looked this number up because I was about to freak out. You guys were right. He does sound very threatening; however, I also believe it's a scam. Thank you all so much for stepping up to post this online. It saved my life. It's upsetting that there are those who seek advantages of their neighbors. Please do not fall for it.


I just received the same exact call, said this is a serious matter and he will file my name against my social number. he want to take me to court and all this. This is my second time receiving a call like this.


A friend of mine was contacted by this number. Same story, she was told she owed for a payday loan she never took out. I worked fraud protection as my first job, so I knew immediately that the story does not add up! He threatened her with jail time and asked her to prepaid documents for court. Unsecured loans like this do not go to court, much less jail, the worst any creditor can do is hurt your credit if you don't pay. In fact the supposed 'loan' does not show up on her credit bureau either. This is definitely a scam.

If anyone is still in doubt about the validity of this it's easy to check. get a free credit report from here: https://www.annualcreditreport.com/cra/index.jsp (use this link, this one is free government mandated, the rest try to get money). If the loan you supposedly owe doesn't show up then it's a scam simple as that.


Yes he called me also giving the same story then hung up when I tried to ask questions.
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