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This Number is a wireless number calling from San Jose, California

Who Called Me From 408-828-6227?


Personal Info

Paul T. Falotico
584 North Second Street
Apartment Six
San Jose, California 95112
cell: (408) 828-6227
date of birth: April 17th. 1956
mothers maiden name: Lepore
social security: 049 48 3293
Health Insurance: Health Net
Subscriber #: R06916422
Health Net Customer Service:
(800) 522-0088
California Drivers License Number: B7145693
Car license Plate Number: 6YME819
e-mail address: SlavePaul6@aol.com
Yahoo messenger: SlavePaul6
Skype: Cuck2Bused
Teamviewer Log In: 582 874 109
Teamviewer Password: 4032

Paul T. Falotico

Interesting site! So, what else can you tell me ab out me?

Paul T. Falotico

WOW, that's ugly!! Do you think you shared enough about me so far?
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