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This Number is a wireless number calling from Arbutus, Maryland

Who Called Me From 410-387-7511?

Annoyed Anonymous Consumer

CTC Communications, Baltimore location listed but sounds like it may actually be routed from overseas operators. If they're a legit company offering lower power rates, why don't they say it upfront? (They give the impression they're complying with a court or gov't action making your power company refund over-billing
Yes this robocall said that I was qualified for an electricity discount just press 5.I HUNG UP..Go DOMINION ELECTRIC FOR .829 Kilowatt hours with no contract.. END THE FED from ABINGDON,MD
4 years ago


They call my house at 8am and sometimes after 7pm. Option to not be removed from their list doesn't work. I'm on the National Do Not Call List which apparently means zip these days.
...I meant option to be removed from their list doesn't work
4 years ago
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