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This Number is a land line number calling from Ignacio, California

Who Called Me From 415-234-9628?


called at 8:50 a.m. left a recorded message saying it is from the IRS and to return the call before any action is taken. Name given is Julie Smith.


Person called my elderly mother and left a VM stating that she was Julie Smith with the IRS, left a call back number. My mother called the number (415)234-9628 and a man answered the call. He told her that she had fraudulently filed her tax forms and owed $4550.00. He then threatened that if she didn't pay that they would seize her bank account and her social security, and that she would be arrested within an hour and a half. She told him that she needed to call her tax person and he told her that she would be involving a third party and that her tax lady would be arrested too. She still refused to pay and he warned her again of her impending arrest and hung up on her.


I also got a recorded message from Julie Smith with a call back number. "Officer" Frank Johnson took the call. He threatened to take legal action,seize bank accounts and property if I couldn't pay immediately. I'm going to assume it's a scam unless I get a letter from the IRS, which I do not expect as I always pay my taxes and am in good standing with them.


I just received a call from Julie smith she said she was with irs and needed to talk to me before action was taken I called back and her voice mail is filled


Totally a scam - the IRS does not call, they send a letter and they never demand payment over the phone.
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