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This Number is calling from San Francisco, California

Who Called Me From 415-815-0875?


I received a TEXT from this number, "Hey Amy, dcopa is trying to find you on Melt. Tap here now http://melt.es/app/axko" what is that?!?


I got a text that says Hey Cassie, Emma¬°3443 is trying to find you on Melt. Tap here now htt://melt.es/app/brlw

How does this random thing know my phone number AND MY NAME? It is beyond creepy


The only thing I know about this number is that it's in California. I got the same text, I think someone looks at your Facebook looks for your phone # and texts you that...


yeah that number texted me saying higo wants me to add him i dont even know who that is lol
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