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This Number is a land line number calling from Toronto

Who Called Me From 416-438-2961?


50 norfinch dr, North York, Canada

Found 2 Bed Bug Reports (8 Disputed)
Bed Bugs Recently Reported (9 days ago)
Current Bed Bug Profile
Current Bed Bug Infestation Risk: 13
Location Has 12 Bed Bug Reports (5Disputed)
Last Bed Bug Report: March 23, 2014
Hotel's Average Bed Bug Response Rating: (-90% ratings)
Average Level of Infestation Reported: 0/4
5 bed bug pictures at best western uploaded by users...
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2 Bug Reports From Other Readers

Submitted by bill
April 28, 2014
Infestation Date: 03/23/2014
Hotel Bed Bug Response: N/A
Bed Bug Infestation Level: 3/4
416-438-2961-416-663-9500 http://answers.smartchildguide.com/1846/remove-harrassment.html

BED BUGS ALERT !!!!Travelodge now called BEST WESTERN, canada 50 norfinch North york,ontario *WARNING!! Call Type: Non-profit Organization Read more at http://www.callercenter.com/426-663-9500.html#YixWJvBxdIULiWmZ.99

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