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Who Called Me From 416-800-1698?


I keep getting a call from Air Duct Cleaning Services. I million times before I asked them to take my number off the call list and I am not interested in their services. THEY KEEP CALLING 3-5 times a week. Many times I have asked to speak with a manager where I am laughed at, told they are the manager and then they start telling me off. I just hang up only to get a call about 30 minutes later form the same fools. This time I told them I am interested but every appointment they try to give me I told them I wasn't available but give me your number and I call back if I could rearrange my schedule. After dancing around it the fool finally gave me a number which I called right after I hung up. Of course no answer but I let it ring and ring. Two minutes afterwards the fool calls me back and I told him that I was just testing the lines to make sure this is legit. The government should be ashamed that they are not able to shut scams like this down. ESPECIALLY this one. Its been going on for years. Next call I will book the appointment and have my Doberman greet the service idiot that comes to my door. Maybe he can get some information out of this fool about this company and the idiots running it!
Air Duct cleaning, the Company name is Orient duct
5 years ago


This number is calling my house several times a week, what can be done to stop this nonsensse?
Unfortunately, nothing can be done. they call from Pakistan and do not have to follow the DNC list http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/offshore-telemarketers-sell-ripoff-duct-cleaning-expert-says-1.1352453
4 years ago


This is a crazy company calling. they call and then ask for my credit card info for an outstanding duct cleaning bill. told them I don't have ducts I live in a cardboard box. but they keep calling so I answer them with a mr rogers soundboard. sometimes I use the miss cleo soundboard for variety. try it, it's a good time!


Contact National Do Not Call List via https://www.lnnte-dncl.gc.ca in Canada. I registered a complaint against this number. Telemarketer for 416-800-1698 gave me Quality Care Duct Services as company name. When I asked for their phone number they hung up. No matter Call Display gave me number. I called this number and operator gave this number "out of service" code DIEX 1234.


Have some fun with them.
I just let them do their selling talk about cleaning DUCTS and then I say I have no DUCKS do you clean dogs? They say no no ducts like in air, I say I know, ducks that fly, but I don't have those can you shampoo my dog? Eventually they hung up on me.
That was a month ago. No calls since.

Hope it works. I may try it too. By the way, when I call that number, I get "sorry, the number you've called is not in service. Please check the number and dial again".!!!
3 years ago


I told this indian-accented caller that he pissed me off because they keep calling. Called back seconds later saying obscene things and when I countered with an insult to his male appendage then hung up he called a third time. Sick people!


You can't stop them, i've tried for five years, i tried everything and trust me everything, no matter how you talk to them, your number is always in their system. the only way to them stop calling for 3 months is to take their service. Tell them to come in at 11am or 4pm and they always show up one hour earlier with a white van without company loco, when they say appointment to Mr. Smith, you answer is "who's Mr. Smith? there is no Mr. Smith here, go away!". they usually follow up a call in 10 minutes and don't answer. Now,that is the only way to stop them for awhile and i've been doing it for many times, and they love to drive all day. And if you think i'm bad, think how these telemarketing treat you.


I'm pissed with the government but I'm really pissed with the phone companies they do friggin squat about this. Like all of the above we're been dealing with these rude as*h*les for years and we can't get rid of them. It's a friggin crime. Writing this here only goes to dismiss a small amount of our frustration.
Neither the government nor the phone companies can do anything as the majority of these calls originate outside of Canada (they use computer software to spoof a local number) and neither of them have any control over what happens in other countries.
4 years ago


act like you are interested, and tell them you will pay with cash. Make the appointment and when they get to your house ask for a card, quietly take pictures of the truck and the men and take the plate# down, and then tell them to take your name off the list or have the cops show up.
Seems going to work. Should I try it? Also ry giving them your "new address" which you can check to be a non-existing number on a real name street and let them go rounds as they do to you. Fight them with their own legitimate weapon.
3 years ago


We keep getting the same calls several times a week from a AIR DUCT CLEANING SERVICES number 416-800-1698. Every time I told them I don't need their services. These people just would not give up, sometimes I just don't bother pick up the phone. This is very annoying. I have filed complaint to Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (the DO NOT CALL list website).


One more motherf**ker with thick accent and thick head talking about Duct cleaning


They just called here for the bazillionth time. So annoying. My Dad has told them to stop calling so many times, but they just keep calling anyway.


I mess with these idiots all the time. Until one day I just started meowing at them. The guy on the line asked why I meow. I told him that I am a giant human cat, that I eat cat food that I run around chasing mice all day, and that I lick myself to clean myself. That's when he started asking me where I like to lick myself, sick puppies. Now as soon as I hear that "air duct cleaning services" I just tell them to f#%k off or go to hell and hang up.


I just got a call from these douches. I played my handy dandy tape of "the number you have called is not in service..." and bingo!, they hang up right away.


These Indian a**holes call everyday . I told them I don't hve ducts and stop calling me. They keep on calling with English names. Then I asked them why are they using fake English name and asked what's his real fakking Indian name. I hung-up after that realizing the fact that you are helpless as long as the bureaucrats show a blind eye on these douches.
Homeowner with clean ducts and n:
Well, they may not be Indian let alone a**h*** and they may be faking their names and company also. Just send them on their way as they are having a kick out of bothering people.
Ask them not to telephone because you have no need for them.

4 years ago
Does not work. I tried it numerous times.
3 years ago
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