Patty said:

A robo call alert for "all home owners and renters" I hung up before it could continue. I then reverse called them back and got a message stating "please press any digit to be added to the do not call list.


max said:

telemarketer selling security systems for home.


Hector said:

These idiots are calling me 3 times a day, even on weekend. They are using different numbers. One is above, the other one is from Las Vegas and even from a local number. Does anybody knows who this idots are so I can sue them?


Scott said:

The call that just came in was an automated message saying please press 1 to update your "Free Google listing". They now seem to be targeting small businesses. Obviously, this is a scam based on the various complaints above as well

Small Business Owner

Small Business Owner said:

Caller ID on this says "NOT IN USE" - Go figure. I haven't answered.


Anonymous said:

They call our business every week on Wednesday at 4:10 pm it's been almost a year and I'm sick of it

Exasperated listening to these m

Exasperated listening to these m said:

Please report at both websites:


lori said:

I have reported them. This number 417 800 2537 calls my cell phone about 7 times a day, even at 2 am.

Please share your experience with 417-800-2538.

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