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This Number is calling from Missouri

Who Called Me From 417-800-2538?


A robo call alert for "all home owners and renters" I hung up before it could continue. I then reverse called them back and got a message stating "please press any digit to be added to the do not call list.


telemarketer selling security systems for home.


These idiots are calling me 3 times a day, even on weekend. They are using different numbers. One is above, the other one is from Las Vegas and even from a local number. Does anybody knows who this idots are so I can sue them?


The call that just came in was an automated message saying please press 1 to update your "Free Google listing". They now seem to be targeting small businesses. Obviously, this is a scam based on the various complaints above as well

Small Business Owner

Caller ID on this says "NOT IN USE" - Go figure. I haven't answered.


They call our business every week on Wednesday at 4:10 pm it's been almost a year and I'm sick of it

Exasperated listening to these m

Please report at both websites:




I have reported them. This number 417 800 2537 calls my cell phone about 7 times a day, even at 2 am.

Dumb founded

This stupid caller needs to follow rules of no call. Not in use as the identifier of the call does not fly!!!!! Make these fools follow the rules or get off the line. Who wants their stupid calls anyway.


This number calls daily; when I pick up it's busy. When I dial it, I get "this is a non-working number" Really????


Called me, didn't answer. Tried to call back number isn't "a working number"


Call me didn't answer,call back is not working number , wtf


They called me, I did not answer. I tried calling the number back and it states it is not a working number. I blocked the # from calling me again.


Wow.... This number called me just 20 minutes ago, I didn't answer. In that 20 minutes I tried to call back to hear that the number was disconnected!


I got several calls from 4178002538. What is the point of reporting this if there is no penalties for the callers?
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