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This Number is calling from Gardena, California

Who Called Me From 424-250-6402?

Kevin paul

Kevin Paul is a nasty man here is an email he sent to me because I wouldn't sleep with him

I see you had a talk with a twitter or i don't know what online profile, so impressed, they even flirted with you, that was such legit of a profile, but all this tells me you want me to make a couple of phone calls and blacklist you from every possible gig you can ever submit your name on. You wanna work at Macdonald's or do backstreet hand jobs? Is this what you want princess. I'll ruin you. You'll be crying before I even start with you. You think you got brain? No you don't. Your head has as much brain as your cheap implants. You don't even cost $8 an hour. You're a failed in life 2nd chance contender. There's winners and there's you. You'll beg me to let it go.

Remember my words. We'll speak again

Saturday, 11 July 2015, 08:15PM -07:00

I've been advised not to contact you again. Please do the same.

Sent from my iPad

> On Jul 11, 2015, at 7:09 PM, BH Investments <bhoffice@yahoo.com> wrote

Whoever wrote this pls leave a way I may contact you re: this man claiming to be Kevin Paul. I have had a recent run in with him and I'd like to know if you can help me with some things pls
6 years ago


This person is posing on craigslist in southern california advertising free rent in exchange for sexual favors. Be careful!


In Re: to the above comment - this man is still posting on craigslist offering free rent to women only. He seems very dangerous and disgusting to prey on women like that.
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