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Area Code: 434

Location Info for Area Code 434

State/Province: Virginia

Cities:   note: the number in parentheses is the prefix for that city

(200) Lynchburg
(202) Charlottesville
(203) Danville
(205) Crozet
(207) Palmyra
(210) Boydton
(212) Scottsville
(214) Fork Union
(222) South Boston
(223) Farmville
(224) Sandy Level
(226) Lovingston
(233) South Hill
(236) Brookneal
(246) Stony Creek
(248) Pamplin
(253) La Crosse
(259) Hurt
(264) Blackstone
(266) Rustburg
(277) Piney River
(283) Long Island
(289) Crewe
(299) Big Island
(308) Kenbridge
(309) Altavista
(321) Victoria
(322) Alberta
(325) Wintergreen
(336) Emporia
(349) Nathalie
(352) Appomattox
(361) Nellysford
(362) Clarksville
(372) Chase City
(381) Amherst
(429) Blairs
(432) Chatham
(454) Clover
(476) Halifax
(481) Stanardsville
(505) Dillwyn
(532) Lawrenceville
(535) Jarratt
(542) Charlotte Court House
(568) Drakes Branch
(577) Gasburg
(581) Arvonia
(585) Virgilina
(630) Gretna
(636) Bracey
(658) Capron
(724) Dry Fork
(729) Brodnax
(735) Wylliesburg
(736) Keysville
(753) Alton
(767) Burkeville
(831) Schuyler
(922) Buena Vista
(933) Gladstone
(969) Buckingham
(993) Concord



Called several times

This number callef.

Yes, Aflac recruiter. I too have told them I am happy with my current job and do not wish to interview however they wont take no for an answer apparently.
Debra Johnson:

This is an unfamiliar number which keeps calling me.

Kodi Thacker:

Don't know who this person is really freaking me out help me

They call me, leave no message. No caller id.

Jeanne, V:

I got this call this morning (3/5/2014). not an All American, more like an Asian woman, She asked for my husband I asked who's calling and she gave a name and said she was calling from Vehicle Processing. I said, "you have got to be kidding", and hung up. But, she will call again tomorrow. I get these calls almost every day, but no message left.

Missed call, did not leave message

calls calls

Craigslist scammer looking to send fake certified check for your item. Before it bounces in a couple weeks, they will pressure you to send them your own money for the amount their check will be over the actual price of the item you listed. Scammer who needs to be ignored.

Aflac recruiter. No matter how many times I tell time I don't want to be a door to door insurance salesperson, they contact me 2-3 times/week.
Pistle Pete:


I did not answer and they did not leave a message
Rebecca D.:

Just got this call at 11:10 am on Wed., July 10th. A young guy (sounded all American) asked for my father. I told him he wasn't available could I help him. Then he thought I was his wife I said no daughter. I then asked what are you calling about he said Vehicle Processing and said I'll call back later and hung up on me. GRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!! Very disrespectful! HATE these kinds of calls. America has too many of these stinkin calls! LORD HELP US from these all day long!

Scam caller/text!!!!

Called early am and female voice left a 17 second message thatmade strange sounds (like a language I've never heard before or something) and then hung up.


Thank you so much for this post. I just googled this phone number: (434)264-6612 and I appreciate everyone who has posted that he is a scam!!

You are totally right. I only answered to two posting on craigslist. One that had a 4 bedroom for $1000 (on the Moderate Housing Commission website, so I thought it was legit), and other "For Rent By Owner" on Craigslist looking for serious renters (2 bed/2 bath = $1,400 per month).

Here is a log of my conversation.


Janice Su


From: (434)264-6612


When is you move in date and also can you secure the house by paying the deposit till your move in date so i can hold it for you

Janice: <I replied: I would like to give my landlord 30 days, otherwise, if he doesn't need 30 days, I an move sooner. Yes, I can pay the deposit.>

From: (434)264-6612

(1/3) Okay good what about your voucher, is it Ready cos The reason why our House is up for lease is because I got transferred from my place

(2/3)of work to San Antonio, I work as a Senior Supervisor at Homeland security and i will be here for long that is why i am putting up my

(3/3)house for rent

Jance: <I replied: How long do you anticipate your property being available to rent?>

From: (434)264-6612

4 to 5 years

Janice: <I replied: I am interested in renting for 4-5 years>

From: (434)264-6612

Okay i have have to mail you the keys once you secure the house by paying the deposit via Money Transfer

Okay i have have to mail you the keys once you secure the house by paying the deposit via Money Transfer

**Note: I dunno why he sent this message twice, he really needs the money, I guess>


**Still not thinking that this was a scam...I replied <My husband and I are both teachers with steady incomes, clean, quiet, non-smoking, non-petowning, considerate tenants. I found the post of your property when I googled moderate income housing in San Diego. I do not have the voucher yet, but am on the website to apply online. Just wanted to be honest and answer your question about the voucher.> ***Then I decide to google his phone number and find the blog "Who Calls Me" !

From: (434)264-6612

(1/2) Okay that is not a problem i can work with you and rent to you without the voucher but at the moment can i send you the application

(2/2) form and once you fill that i will send you the infor
Sam Stalnaker:

Just calls and never leaves message.