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This Number is calling from Baltimore, Maryland

Who Called Me From 443-853-6554?


Pesty telemarketers, calling at all hours again from Baltimore MD


Terrorist Pedophile trying to sell Child Pornography in order to fund Al Qaeda.

An American

I got the call within days of signing up for I think they call it Part D of Medicare. My insurance agent told me that it was free so why not go for it. I was also told that I would be getting a call from these people to confirm my application. Well the call went way beyond confirmation. She ask very personal questions that have nothing whatsoever to do with my health. She asked me how many weapons were in the house and what types they were. I knew right then that this was not about Medicare but about an invasion into my privacy via the disguise of healthcare. I told her that everything in my house was a weapon, ie. anything I can get my hands on to protect myself I consider a weapon but I prefer my trusty coal shovel and did she want a list then of everything in my house. She said that she meant guns. I reminded her that not all guns are weapons so she needs to be more specific. She then blamed me of trying to confuse her. I then told her that she seemed to have already been confused before the call. She then said that someone would need to come to my house for a visit and to see my living conditions. I told her that they were not welcome here because they will have to pry my cold dead fingers off of my coal shovel before I will give it up. She hung up. They can take their Part D and shove it up their liberal ass.
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