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This Number is a land line number calling from Irving, Texas

Who Called Me From 469-713-3032?


A woman named Kim Kelly calls approx. 1 time per month. She leaves a message that she needs to talk to me, but no further details. I have not called her back as I assume it is a telemarketing call. I figured, if it was important...she'd leave more details in her message.
She is a recruiter for Financial Advisors...still using the same technique on the voice mail in 2015. This is Kim Kelly, it is important that you please call me back". Nope. No thanks.
3 years ago


I had the same experience as Todd. I don't respond to voicemails like that.


Kim Kelly from 469-713-3032 also called and left a message for me to call her back. She said "It is important that you and I speak with one another". Since she did not leave me any further information, I did not respond to her.
Had the same message this morning. I did not respond. This site has saved me some time and a lot of agravation
5 years ago


She calls my office about 4x per month looking to speak to a different advisor each time. She will state she is with MSI but nothing else. No one in my office will take her call or return her messages. I am beginning to suspect she is a recruiter.


She called me today too and left the same message. I am an advisor and also suspect she is a recruiter.


I'm an advisor and she called me as well. I'm convinced she is a recruiter, they always seem to leave sneaky messages like that.


A woman by the name of Kim Kelly called to spe3ak with my FA this afternoon. When I tried to get her info all she would say is'"I'm with MSI


Ditto... I'm an advisor as well. I'll give it to her, she did call at 7:20AM my time. I won't be calling her back.


My OSJ staff sent me an email saying that "Kim Kelly from MSI called for me", but I don't even work from my OSJ. I'm an independent RR/IAR working from my home office. I'd say she's either a recruiter, or just a robot/computer call.


Just received the same message from Kim Kelly: Hi S, I would like to speak with you. Please call, etc.,

(um, no thanks)

Mike A.

I got the same message and I called and got her voice mail. I didn't leave a message but thanks to those have chimed in on the subject I will not call her (Kim Kelly) again.


Kim Kelly seemed disappointed that Matt has an office administrator to screen his calls!


Get calls from Kim Kelly from 469-713-3032 multiple times a week. I finally got her to admit she is calling on behalf of a company looking to speak to my financial advisor about a job opportunity and that she works for MSI. If you look up MSI Financial you get this website, which states it is a recruiting firm: http://www.msi-intl.com/financial.asp. I asked her to please not call again.


Same as above. I am an advisor and received the same message as everyone else. She is a recruiter.
I just went to the website, and sent a complaint. This is maddening. I called thinking it might have involved a client, and wanted to return the call quickly.
5 years ago


same experience...she left a very vauge message and then didn't answer when I called back. Her VM doesn't mention what company she's with but I'm sure she's a recruiter.
I got a call from her last week. Exactly the same message. She called my desk phone and it was forwarded to my cell. They must be on a recruiting binge, I got a call from Ameriprise and Lincoln Financial all in the same week. Yup! No thanks.
2 years ago
Just a recruiter. Got a call from her
2 years ago
Obviously a recruiter, and not one of the honest ones. Would you transition with a recruiter who deceives you before you even talk?
2 years ago
Same thing in 2017. She's still at it.
1 year ago
Same technique in 2018. I can't respect a caller who doesn't state their purpose.
1 year ago
She is persistent and her technique must be working if she is still calling four years later!
1 year ago
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