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This Number is calling from Atlanta, Georgia

Who Called Me From 470-422-7885?


Called regarding having a refund for me from a time share I used to own.
Janet Dill:
This is exactly what she said.
1 year ago


Nothing further


Help for Families regarding time share refunds for monies lost to fraudulent companies. Delores Evans will call you back on cell# 470-422-7885. This is a FAKE company that retargets VICTIMS. She asks for $355 by phone check before she will mail a packet. The Federal Trade Commission, Bureau of Consumer Protection and the District Attorney in Florida are working to convict these cruel, heartless THIEVES!! Beware!!


They have been calling me for at least a year. Deloris Evans called to say I was entitled to a refund due to scams. There had been a settlement reached and I was eligible for $6224. They would need a check in the amount of $355 for attorney fees. They no longer take credit cards. They need the check number of the check, router # and account #. The transaction would take three weeks. After the check goes thru, I would receive two packets - one containing scam information, the other, documents - sign the one with a pink tab and return. Beware.

Sheila M Green

I just received the phone call from Delores. I did not answer but she left the message stating "she is with Help for Families and they have made several attempts to resolve the refund of $5869.00 that years ago involved Bluegreen Resort. I am still eligible for this refund regardless of rather I still own the resort. Please contact her at 1-800-933-5910" I have been scrammed before and it don't feel good to lose money. Anytime you have to paid a fee up front to get what is said to be yours it's a scram. Trust me. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt.


Delores is still at it. I got a call today from the 470-422-7885 number regarding Help for Families telling me that I'm entitled to a refund of $5869 dollars. I didn't answer, but she left a message. IT sounds good, but don't get sucked into her scheme! 10/22/2019


So glad to find this site for I have been scammed by this lady as well. I have called several times to find out where my $6,224 check is and am always told that another firm handles this and they have no way of knowing when the check will be written. I have been waiting since spring. Well, Merry Christmas to you Dolores Evans!!! I hope you are caught soon! I was sucked in because she had the exact amount that I had been scammed for in the past over this timeshare situation. Said this organization was working for Florida government to distribute the money from the companies they had prosecuted. All I received was an "Official Certificate to receive exclusive travel discounts, A $100 in Brand-name grocerty coupons of my choice and a booklet about how to protect yourself from Scams!!! Wonder if she wrote the book herself. Had not been able to find anything online til now. Thanks to all of you who have posted. Is there any recourse?
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