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This Number is a land line number calling from Portland, Oregon

Who Called Me From 503-334-2167?


Gentleman called telling me he is apart of an insurance agency and he wanted to get me a better quote for my car. He then asked what insurance agency I was with and I said Farmers. Then I asked promptly after that who was he and what agency he works for and he said "Come on quit being so difficult" I then said F off and hung up the phone. Obviously he was out for a scam on me. I'm too smart for that.


I keep getting calls from this number too. Never leaves a message. I am not sure who this is. I also work in insurance....perhaps it is insurance related?


I get a call then no message. I dial back and person answers "LCM this is Julie is this Steve?" I reply "who is this and why did you call". She then repeated the first line again. I said no Julie who are you and why are you calling me. She said I must havethe wrong number goodbye. I mean come on you can't explain who you are (as a company, what your intent is) scammers. I deal with cold callers, I've been one but to not answer with your shpiel after the question, what a bunch of amateur as.


If you ever went online inquiring about car insurance you got on some solicitors list.


This is evidently a scammer. They said they got my number (a cell) because my son had requested an insurance quote. Not true at all! My son is on MY insurance policy and so these guys must buy lists from companies that sell your information. Then when I said he didn't request any insurance info he hung up. I called right back and asked again who they were (told LCN) and told him to take us off their list and he hung up again! Don't know what "LCN" stands for but most likely it means Loser Caller Network as they're rude jerks!


This number keeps calling. They answer the phone as "LCN this is Jennifer" Must be some marketing business.


I got call and they would not identify who they were or who they worked for. Sounds like a scam. R


This number called me too, but hung up when I answered, called them back and she said LCM this is Jenna...well thats my name.lol I asked he take me off their call list and she hung up on me.


This number called when I was half asleep. She had an email address for me that I use for websites I don't trust entirely. She asked if my birthday was such and such - is wasn't, but I said it was. I use fake birthdays online sometimes, so maybe she had one of those. I answered a few of their question about my car. I asked her to just email me the info and she said she doesn't do quotes, was just trying to save me money on my insurance and had a few more questions. When she asked for my husbands number I said I wasn't going to give that information. She politely thanked me for my time and hung up.

I filled out an online request for car quotes in the past but gave a different phone number. These people somehow found my unlisted landline number. I don't know if they're really trying to sell insurance or just data harvesting. Maybe if they get enough info they can just switch your insurance on you?


I just call from this number today, The person stated he got my Phone from some related insurance name, When i reply back i have already have insurance and what was this call related too, he Hungrily stated have a great day and he hung up on my. love it hope he never call back.


A man of an insurance agency and he wanted to get me a better quote for my cars.


josie called me twice yesterday, i answered the second time. said she was from LCA (or something like that) and that i had filled out an inquiry for auto insurance. i let her know i am very happy with my current insurance and i do not recall sending out any other inquiries (which I have not) she said ok and hung up.


Rude caller. Ask to speak with my husband? I asked him who is calling. He said, "just have him call me" and hung up on me as I asked him not to call again.


Received a call from this number. No one on the other end. I hung up.


Called but left no message.
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