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This Number is a land line number calling from San Francisco, California

Who Called Me From 510-768-7375?




Another scam. Female voice was very abrupt and abrasive. I would not want to work for a person who sounded like her. Left no details as to how I could earn $1,000 per week. Phone sex? Selling meth? Selling cocaine? Selling my body? How do I make this money? Again, she sounded like a slut, and I do not work with sluts.


Female voice from this number, 510-768-7375, called me today and left a message that I could make $1,000 to $3,00 a week, but left no company name, or details. Wanted me to call back and she will decide whether I can work for her. Right!!!! Probably selling meth. Or she is looking for beautiful people like me to sell phone sex. She can't, because people would barf if they saw her. This number is nothing but a scam.


Called twice today to my cell phone. Left no message.


Called once today on cell. No one there


Received this call today, ignored it, left no message.


Called me three times in the past week at around the same time. Never left a message.
Called my cell at 16:13 today, I answered and no answer. Hung up.. phone says the area code is from Oakland CA
4 years ago
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