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This Number is a land line number calling from Austin, Texas

Who Called Me From 512-646-2261?


They state very clearly that they are going to serve papers at either my home or place of employment. They state that I will lose all rights when I am served the papers. It is illegal to state that they will sue, if there is no intent to do so. Since in the first message they state that it will happen by 5 that day and that was a month ago. When I ask for a fax number to send a cease and desist notice, they hang up. They refuse to give me the name most times and also refuse to give me a valid fax number. If I ask questions they try to get me to give them a case number. They seem to like to hang up. I have gotten calls from this and another number, both seem to be the same company, but maybe there is just more than one company that uses the same methods in such a short period of time, but I doubt it. I have filed complaints against both numbers with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and I advise all to do the same. It is easy and only takes a few minutes. The more that file, the more likelihood that they will be caught and punished properly for their actions. I really don't mind taking a few minutes to help assist in ending their tactics.
Richard, I am also getting these kinds of calls, only mine are just recordings. I tried to speak with the "caller" today but it was just recorded stuff. I am sick of this. How do I contact the Credit Protection Bureau? I will gladly file charges against this and any other company attempting to extort money from me by this or any other strong arm method.
5 years ago


They are awful......


I have had the same issue. The woman calls me everyday from this number and another number and always says that I have until 5:00 pm to contact them or I will be served papers at my place of employment. I have been receiving this message for quite some time and still no papers. I have no clue who they are calling in reference to because they never indicate that information. I am extremely disgusted and would really like them to stop harassing me.
snotty people following an illegal 'script'!!! Trying to collect on an OLD credit account that hasn't been used in over 10 yrs!!
5 years ago


I also just received a recorded call, its as if the person is reading from a script, then waits while the computer vocie reads off a certain number or my name, then its back to the real person. I plan on reporting them to donotcall.gov where I have already registered all of my numbers on the do not call list, although if its a legitimate creditor they do not have to abide by this.


Kept calling me telling me that I need to give up my home address so I can get served papers for some fraudulent activity. Best part is that the recording is addressed to some other guy, has nothing to do with me. I assume (The First Time) that they mixed up some numbers and they'll get it right eventually. Not so much, they constantly call me at all times of the day demanding that "John Doe" give up all of his personal information because he was scamming credit cards or something.

I redialed the number that called me an told them they're making a mistake. They put me on hold for 15mins and then hung up on me. Tried again, same BS. by this point I'm livid and give them a solid tongue lashing. Lady said they'd take me off the list.

I start getting the same messages 4 months later...

Thought I might have had an alias I didn't know about at one point. haha.


the same thing just happened to me, how can we stop this???


These people called me too about serving me papers and for me to have fun in court so tired of these people calling me, they give me a case number but they do not say what they are calling about..i want these people to stop harassing me..How do i stopped them..


This is a on going scam. They change their number and state they call from constantly but always have the exact same spill. Fraudulent activity, going to serve you papers blah blah. If you call them back 9 out of 10 times the same person answers the phone which is flag number one. If you ask the name of company, they garble some wrds never so you can understand them. If you ask them to spell it, they hang up. If you demand a supervisor, they hang up. The only thing you can do is block their numbers. They never release the info of company or location so there is no way to report them. I have tried all options. I have been having them do this for over 2 years. Trust me I feel your pain. Just remember never "confirm" any of your information to them because they don't have it. COMPLETE SCAM


They have been calling me as well, they went as far as telling me that I have fraudulent charges against me in my county. and that they were going to come to serve papers to me and arrest me they needed my address for one the idiots would have my address if i had fraudulent charges against me so they shouldnt need me to verify that. the other thing is they gave me a case# number for the courts (bogus) called them it not even valid. I have also called the police on these people they have told me they were a fraud and took the number down and would see what he could do. The officer said not to give any personal information.


Ridiculous! They just called me.... They are pathetic


Yeah....they called me too, and I have the voicemail that they left....I'm keeping it, just in case. I called them back, and the first thing the recording asked me for was a case number, once a live person came on the line I gave her a tongue lashing and placed a few choice cuss words throughout...she hung up


I received two voicemails from this number. I called back the second time and spoke to a person. They put me on hold for quite some time and a Supervisor came on the line asking for a credit card number for a debt that did not exist. The hold music was not professional and when I asked questions, the Supervisor said that she would not talk to me and demanded that I pay her. I explained that I do not have any debt and she seemed to have some of my personal information from 7 years ago. I asked her for her name and she told me her name is Renee Adams and the name of the company is Pre-Trial Services and then in the next sentence, she said that the name of the company is Arbitration Management Group. I asked where she was located and she said that she couldn't disclose that information. She gave me a local number for me to call her back at and it was the same information and voicemail as 512-646-2261. I told her that I wanted to speak with her Supervisor and she told me "I don't have one". I kept trying to push her for the name of the strew that her office was located in my city and she wouldn't give it. She tried to cover her the phone and I heard her say "F****ng B**ch". When I asked her why her place of business (especially if she is the owner and does not have a Supervisor) would use that kind of language, she told me that I was hearing things. I ended the call and I received another call on my home phone with the recording. Not sure where to file a complaint against them.
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