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This Number is calling from Cincinnati, Ohio

Who Called Me From 513-442-1738?


This person called pretending to be from Florida.

Fooled once

My first contact was through facebook. Stated he was browsing Facebook saw my pic and liked it. His name was Tony Mann, We talked then he asked for my phone number. First call was from 239-400-2950. He was supposedly working in Malaysia. He sent pics of himself his daughter his work site and his business card. I checked the business card web site and phone number all info was bogus. He then called me from 513-442-1738. I ckd the number it is a Cincinnati Ohio number. He had an explanation. Next numbers were 60163892914;
239-400*2950 Naples FL; 305-712-2181 Miami FL. He spoke with an accent which he said was German. Business was Allstate Construction Country Club, FL


He told me his name is James Isome from africa. Then he said he love me and want to take care of me,but we never talked its always though facebook. We only been talking 4 three days scarey

Computer problems

Called to send me a refund for over charges from Dell.. Wanted my bank information so he could send me a refund check. He was James Dalton and John Clark.. Beware he had a lot of info about our computer and personal address.. Will report to pice in Ohio


I met a woman on Facebook from the Philippians and we have been chatting and she said she loves me. She called me from this number and too much static to hear anything. If she is from the Philippians how can she call me from OH? She said her name is Sam. She has sent me numerous pictures of her and I have seen her FB site

blown away

This persons hack my private messages and photos angry now is threatening to expose me if i don't send him cash not to
My friend is a fbi agent and he's working on tracking them as we speak my phone is tapped..
3 years ago
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