Who is calling or texting from 513-686-8609?
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This Number is a land line number calling from Cincinnati, Ohio

Who Called Me From 513-686-8609?


If you entered a radio station nationwide contest than you were probably getting a call from them telling you that you were a winner. If you didn't answer than they moved on to another phone # and you are no longer the winner. Sorry.


This phone number called me and I won 2 tickets to the iHeartRadio Music Festival. Answer if this number calls you!!


I just won tickets too! Answer!


YUP, could've won tickets to the Iheart country music festival!!! =) I DID!!


I won tickets to the iheart radio country music festival
Lisa, I won too. How long did it take for you to hear from the next person to call about setting up the trip?
5 years ago


Still waiting on the call back for the travel arrangements...but I wont tickets to the Country Music Festival in Austin. Anyone know how long it takes to get the 2nd call??? SOOOO excited!!!
*won* too excited to type correctly!!

5 years ago


I won $1000!!! How long does it usually take to get the second call?
I won too how but they didn't tell me if I go pick up or if they mail it?
1 year ago


I missed their calling while at work this is crap that you can't call it back! I have been dying for tickets and now out of luck have called back over 40 times
I answered and won two tickets as well but havent been contacted sine that call. Does anyone know their call back number or how long they took to email you the information or if someone can give me their email address. Thanks.
4 years ago
Dave how long did it take u to get the call? Couldyou provide their email address?
4 years ago
Did anyone ever get a call back?
4 years ago


I answered and I just won tickets to the I Heart Radio Music Awards in LA!!!


I won $1000!! Please answer this phone number!


Has anyone actually received a call back? I received the call I won $1000 and I have not been contacted since. Anyone have contact information? I'm starting to think it was a hoax.
Did you ever hear back?
4 years ago
Just got my call back! Hang in there! :)
4 years ago


I won tickets today to the iHeart Radio Music Festival. Has anyone gotten their second call or have an idea of how long it takes to hear back from these people?
It took 5 days for them to call me back. I was told by a representative that you may not receive a call until September 15. It is a legit call!
4 years ago


I received call this morning from Tony, I won tickets to the iheart radio concert.


Yep - it's legit. But you better answer it pronto. If you don't, they move on to the next lucky winner - FAST. iHeartRadio Music Fest here I come! Glad I answered.


The number is legit! I won tickets to the iheart music awards and was contacted the next day to set up travel arrangements!
How long did it take to hear back from the local radio station?
1 year ago
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