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This Number is calling from Cincinnati, Ohio

Who Called Me From 513-900-1479?


$2000 for the concession trailer. She even sent me a copy of the supposed title. Sent me a link for ebay and got me excited about the ebay buyer protection policy but I could only pay with Green Dot card for it to work. Noticed the website link that was sent to me was not even ebay in the browser box. Nakeisha Lanette Norton, 1224 Sequioyah Cir, Moore, OK 73160 is on the title and Lanette Butts signed it. Same phone number communicated via text and email address nett889@gmail.com. Not every deal is too good to be true but this one just so happened to be. Glad I caught all of this before I left to get the cards. Sucks.
This woman is a fraud, and has been doing this type of stuff for years. She spends lots of time in jail down in Oklahoma. I am a concessionaire, and simply know that you are not going to find a fully equipped food trailer that cheap, come on put her away so she cannot cheat anyone else.
4 years ago
mad hunter:
scammed outa 2000 this bitch is going down,least 20years
4 years ago
She's still at it! Glad I ran across the Cgraigslist scam report and this before I lost anything.
4 years ago
It's 2014 and she is still at it Scamming people using this phone number.
4 years ago


She did it to me and my husband last night last night shes a scam artist be aware


I knew it was too good to be true. The Ebay buyer protection was good.
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