Who is calling or texting from area code 515?
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Area Code: 515

Location Info for Area Code 515

State/Province: Iowa

Cities:   note: the number in parentheses is the prefix for that city

(200) Algona
(201) Des Moines
(203) Ames
(204) Ogden
(209) Webster City
(212) Boone
(215) Nevada
(216) Waukee
(220) Cambridge
(227) Fort Dodge
(228) Slater
(257) Ankeny
(259) Grimes
(260) Moorland
(272) Swea City
(293) Eagle Grove
(303) Indianola
(310) Jewell
(325) Blairsburg
(328) Story City
(332) Humboldt
(337) Callender
(338) Ellsworth
(351) Gowrie
(353) Pilot Mound
(354) Harcourt
(356) Vincent
(359) Lehigh
(364) Corwith
(367) Elkhart
(370) Jefferson
(373) Gilmore City
(374) Pleasantville
(379) Livermore
(387) Maxwell
(388) Roland
(389) Churdan
(428) Perry
(434) Mc Callsburg
(436) Rippey
(438) Woodward
(445) Huxley
(456) Bancroft
(462) Winterset
(463) Somers
(478) Adel
(497) Prairie City
(519) Runnells
(523) Stuart
(532) Clarion
(536) Kamrar
(538) Lakota
(542) Barnum
(543) Duncombe
(544) Farnhamville
(545) Badger
(546) Clare
(547) Dayton
(599) Granger
(605) Renwick
(646) Ledyard
(653) Burt
(674) Colfax
(676) Bouton
(677) Minburn
(679) Wesley
(715) Titonka
(717) Urbandale
(738) Grand Junction
(758) Earlham
(769) Kelley
(789) Dexter
(795) Madrid
(825) Goldfield
(826) Stanhope
(833) Redfield
(834) De Soto
(838) Stratford
(839) Woolstock
(852) Dows
(854) Williams
(855) Alden
(879) Lanyon
(882) Lu Verne
(884) Whittemore
(887) West Bend
(889) Fenton
(899) Radcliffe
(925) Lone Rock
(957) Altoona
(968) Paton
(972) Otho
(981) Norwalk
(984) Polk City
(989) Carlisle
(992) Dallas Center
(996) Van Meter


This is a call from "Direct Mediations" looking for Anthony Wilson - I am not Anthony Wilson. They're apparently a debt collection company. Despite being told that there is no Anthony Wilson here, they seem to think that calling more times will make him magically appear.



Got a text from this number claiming to want to purchase my tanning bed. Said they would send me a check then once I deposited into my account would have their haulers come pick up the tanning bed. Check was for more than tanning bed price and wanted me to return the extra money with his haulers. I played along knowing it was a scam they overnighted me the check now he is pushing for me to deposit so he can clean out my account I am sure. Was hoping I could turn this over to the police and they could maybe stop this person but evidently there is nothing they can do because out of their jurisdiction. It is a shame these people can get away with this. If they put half as much effort in working they would make an honest living.

It's a scam when a so called company calls when you're on the do not call list

They keep calling me as well I don't answer

sent a text mess.

They called me 2 times. I don't know who this person is or if it is a company.

They keep calling me and I don't know who it is.
john mcinnerney:

what number is this

this scammer calls numbers on the national do not call list in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. They further violate the TCPA by failing to have an operator on the line when the call is answered, then further violate by playing a recorded message without an operator on the line to pause or stop the recording and answer questions. When you do get to an operator, the operator still further violates the TCPA by refusing to provide a phone number and then again by hanging up when asked for a physical address. Their recording states that the call recipient has been awarded a grant of up to $250,000, but the operator states that the recipient is eligible for a cash advance of that amount. However, they do not have any information on who they have called, and are looking for personal and business financial information. This is clearly a scam. Do not provide this scammer with any personal or financial information.

Girl claiming to be in PA but I think she's in Africa. Asked for money LOL


Called repeatedly within several minutes. They were asking for someone I have never heard of. When I called back the phone number was not in service. Very rude businesses.


Recieved 3 calls in a row left no message

Rude people. I told them I was not obligated to answer any of their questions. They were looking for a family member who had given them my number as a refernce. He hung up on me.

Want to know who is calling
renee japhet:

Who does this number belong to?
renee japhet:

Who is this number to?

They have called about 20 times this past week - they don't talk on the answering machine so I don't answer

Is this really free?

Some bill collector called me from this number. He was looking for someone named Chris. When I told him he had a wrong number he got very profane, aggressive and threatening. Total psycho

who is this

I do not know this number, I answered nothing was said. This number is 1-515-5151. When I was about to hang up all I heard was, was goodbye. Who is this calling?

This number called my 11 year old daughter cussing her out. The caller is unknown and is being reported to the police.

I dont know

Saying he is the FBI and they have been following me, better be watching my back and they have my address going with he foes have it.
Didnt Fool Me - Nice Try:

Found home on Zillow that was first listed for sale for $10,000.00 so I filled out the information for them to contact me... I received a text from them:

Text 1: Hello, This is the landlord about the house for rent the one at 2210 Iris Drive #0, Sierra Vista, AZ 85635 so are you really interested in my property?
Text 2: Me - No I am sorry ... I thought it was a home for sale... But thank you for getting back with me.
Text 3: My home is also available for sale for $10,000 ok
Text 4: Me -Wow… Why are you selling so cheap?
Text 5: Because the money is not the problem, am just looking for a serious buyer to my home ASAP
Text 6: Me - Do you have a realtor locally that would let me in to see the property
Text 7: My home is not listed under any realtor company, because they inflated my price and was requesting much from me that was why I collected my keys from them and selling out my home myself ok
Text 8: Me - Are you in Sierra Vista for me to be able to see the inside?
Text 9: Am in Texas right now due to my work ok,, I just sent you all the information you need to know about the house now, go and check your email ok
Text 10: Did you get it?
Text 11: Me - Yes and will get back to you

((((This is the email that was sent to me))) (((continuing Texts on the bottom)))

My home is also available for sale. The main reason our house is up for SALE is because I got transferred from my place of work to TEXAS , I and my family will be away for at least a couple of 12 to 13 years, so that is why i decided selling my property out in a cheaper price, so as to get a buyer asap, i wont be back in state to show you the property,and also i got nobody in town right now, this is the only way i can sell my home out to you ok, i will be mailing the keys and documents of my home via FedEx company down to your present home address, you have to secure my home first with a deposit of $1,850, so as to get my keys sent out to you via FedEx and also your money is refundable once you get my keys and you dont like the inside you tell me and i refund your money back and you send me my keys back ok, but once you view the inside of my property and you love what you see, we can then go from there, i will get the necessary documents of my home mail out to you then for you to sign,after we are done with that, you can then come up with the balance of the payments ok..
Let me tell you a little about my family. I have a daughter named Jennifer(19years) who attends University of TEXAS

Received 2nd call of this type in 2 weeks; almost inaudible taped message; telling me that I will be served at home or at work. Trying to scare me but won't work this time. I haven't done anything that would get me in trouble. Fell for this scam 14 years ago. Called them back but no answer.

they call me

Phoned my cell# and hung up at 8:30 pm

They are f***ing a**hole, we told them they have a wrong number!!!!!

ho is

I am getting many calls from this number they claim they are Wells Fargo then ask me for my info.

this number 515-528-7539 is leaving messages that there is a lawsuit, civil suit no bill collectors do that .