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This Number is calling from Manhasset, New York

Who Called Me From 516-453-6886?

Donald Hammond

What Business Is This Number...


Someone called from this number. All I heard was mumbling and then he hung up.


They will not stop calling


This company("JGV" on caller ID)called my mother's home phone claiming to be from VISA Card Svc. They offered her a consolidation loan or something else re: her VISA card. They asked for ALL her credit card#'s so they could reduce ALL her cards' APR's to a 5%APR rate. They gave her an 800# for VISA, which I called, that turned out to be an invalid phone# --> When I asked for a valid#, the next phone# was missing a digit. Finally, the company gave her the actual VISA Card Svc ph#.. which I then called.

The person from VISA Card Svc fraud dept. told me that they would never make this kind of call






and that sometimes the scammer will give you a valid phone# for VISA/MC/etc. to seem legitimate --> something ANYONE can do! I even had the woman from VISA talk to her, but my mother didn't seem to care


and kept talking w/the guy. Unfortunately, she wouldn't even consider my sister's


VISA card services said to call the Federal Trade Commission 1-888-382-1222

Frederick W. James, Jr.

Business - "JGV" on Caller ID, Credit Card Scam, Nassau Zone 1 NY
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