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This Number is calling from Floral Park, New York

Who Called Me From 516-492-3416?

Property Manager

Called acting as though they lost our maintenance supervisors contact information. Proceeded to ask for our supervisor's cell phone number to finish an order that had been started. All ordering goes through me and never through the maintenance supervisor so I knew it was wrong. I called the number back from the caller ID and asked for the name of the company and what it is that they do. The first time I called the person said the manufactur lots of things and wouldn't tell me anything else. I called right back and got a different person who told me the name of the company is Century Manufacturing.When I started to ask for more info he hung up on me.

Guest Services Manager

Asked for the maintenence manager by name and asked if he still did the maintinence. I said it was a shared responcibility now. He said "Uhhhhhh." and hung up on me. I called the number back and its either busy or disconnects me without ringing.
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