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This Number is a land line number calling from Marysville, California

Who Called Me From 530-216-5229?

Susan Harris

This number: 530 216-5229 has called 4 times in the last 2 days, and does not leave a message. Not curious enough to answer it when I am home! Has anyone else gotten calls from this number? I live in California.


I have...same situation as you!


Asking for cancer donation. Sending a letter out. Could be legit but will not contribute.


This number is in my area code, so I answered thinking it might be a real call. She asked to speak to my husband, who wasn't home. Asked to speak to Mrs. (me). I asked purpose of call. She said she'd call back when husband was home. (Obviously she knew she wasn't going to get anywhere with me). I said she wouldn't get to talk to him and why was she calling. She didn't know what to say and I hung up. Glad to hear I didn't miss anything important.
Just now got a call from this same number. It was "Amanda" asking to speak to "Dave" (my hubby). I asked who was calling and she said she could actually speak to either of us. Said she was calling from some cancer support group. I told her we Don't donate through a telephone solicitation and she replied that they only call to make sure that can send out the pledge letter. I said it was still coming in to my home via the phone so no thanks and hung up. Pests! BTW, the Do Not Call registry is a complete, useless joke. A waste of time.
4 years ago


they are rude and call every hour


Amanda at this number called me. When I told her I was going to google her company she let me go....
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