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Area Code: 541

Location Info for Area Code 541

State/Province: Oregon

Cities:   note: the number in parentheses is the prefix for that city

(200) Gold Hill
(201) Ashland
(202) Myrtle Creek
(203) Milton Freewater
(205) Klamath Falls
(206) Eugene
(207) Corvallis
(210) Medford
(212) Ontario
(215) Pendleton
(217) Coos Bay
(218) Grants Pass
(219) Lakeview
(220) Albany
(229) Roseburg
(233) Prineville
(239) Brookings
(241) Bend
(247) Gold Beach
(249) Baker
(253) Port Orford
(256) Heppner
(258) Lebanon
(263) Enterprise
(264) Newport
(268) Mapleton
(271) Reedsport
(275) Umatilla
(277) Juntura
(279) Madras
(287) Cave Junction
(288) The Dalles
(289) Hermiston
(293) Nyssa
(299) Rogue River
(305) Florence
(307) Philomath
(308) Hood River
(315) Oakland
(316) Redmond
(320) Sumpter
(321) Junction City
(327) Jefferson
(328) Maupin
(329) Bandon
(333) Grass Valley
(336) Toledo
(339) Adrian
(348) Langlois
(352) Parkdale
(353) Beatty
(356) Chiloquin
(358) Harper
(364) Lincoln City
(365) Chemult
(367) Sweet Home
(369) Halsey
(374) Cascade Locks
(376) Echo
(384) Condon
(395) Tygh Valley
(396) Coquille
(413) Burns
(421) Long Creek
(422) Ione
(423) Central Point
(424) Monroe
(427) Pilot Rock
(432) Joseph
(433) Gilchrist
(437) Elgin
(439) Powers
(442) Wasco
(444) Siletz
(445) Camas Valley
(446) Unity
(448) Bates
(449) Stanfield
(454) Arlington
(455) Mikkalo
(457) Helix
(462) Mitchell
(466) Brownsville
(467) Dufur
(468) Spray
(470) Huntington
(473) Vale
(477) Paulina
(478) Mosier
(481) Boardman
(486) Alsea
(489) Antelope
(491) Shedd
(493) Princeton
(495) Fields
(496) Glide
(498) Idleyld Park
(512) Phoenix
(528) Waldport
(533) Sprague River
(534) Imbler
(536) La Pine
(538) White City
(540) Richland
(542) Canyon City
(544) Wamic
(545) Bonanza
(546) Culver
(547) Yachats
(549) Sisters
(559) Myrtle Point
(560) Prospect
(562) Union
(565) Moro
(566) Athena
(568) Cove
(569) Lostine
(575) John Day
(576) Silver Lake
(584) Elkton
(586) Jordan Valley
(587) Scottsburg
(595) Camp Sherman
(596) O Brien
(597) Selma
(623) Cottage Grove
(624) La Grande
(634) Fossil
(640) Oakridge
(641) Yoncalla
(644) Harrisburg
(658) Creswell
(679) Winston
(691) Canyonville
(692) Malin
(694) Crescent
(721) Monument
(742) Halfway
(759) Lakeside
(764) Depoe Bay
(781) Diamond
(785) Oxbow
(794) N Powder
(798) Merrill
(804) Drain
(820) Prairie City
(822) Blue River
(825) Days Creek
(828) Wallowa
(832) Glendale
(833) Veneta
(834) Pine Grove
(837) Azalea
(846) Williams
(853) North Powder
(856) Haines
(865) Butte Falls
(866) Wolf Creek
(867) South Beach
(873) Seneca
(874) Riddle
(875) Eddyville
(878) Shady Cove
(896) Leaburg
(906) Paisley
(925) Blachly
(927) Triangle Lake
(932) Mt Vernon
(933) Marcola
(937) Lowell
(940) Lexington
(946) Culp Creek
(949) Keno
(983) Adams
(987) Dayville


Entering a comment because this very crappy UI requires it. Fix your junk and call me if you want to function like a grown up on the internet.

They call repeatedly and ask if I take credit cards and I tell them I already have a merchant service. I keep calling back. I have told them several times not to call me. Doesn't help. I am going to report them.
Tyler richner:

Who is this

This number has been calling my home and Hanging up when I answer and say hello. There is a 10 - 15 second pause after I say Hello, then the other end Hangs up.

They called me at 7:30pm on a Sunday to do a survey about education. Told them to NEVER call me again.

Peter Jervis battilega:

Harassing phone calls
Telemarketer H8TR:

Received many calls from this number, they left a message finally, Eric from Evolution. Haven't called back for a while.

Google call bot, block this caller, waste of time

Timlin Industries Inc., in Lakeview OR, has a listed business number of (541) 947-6771. I called that number-- NOT the outbound (541) 225-5622 number-- and spoke with a very nice lady. I *nicely* informed her that I was on the DNC list and that this was the one and only call I would make to her company to have them remove my number from its calling program. She thanked me and said it would be done by the end of today's business.

Called saying she was from US Bank. @nd number who has called me with the same scam. I said I know you are not from US BANK, what do you want? There was a long silence then I said please do not call this number again. She hung up.


called was selling toner and ink said was local company gave number of fax and copier found out it was not local number shows as an oregan number I am in TENN

They have another number:
It is 541-947-6771
Please call them repeatedly, as often as you can, and give them a taste of their own medicine!!!


HORRIBLE GUY. call the cops if he calls you. very very rude. calls asking for the owner.

Called on the SUNDAY of LABOR DAY weekend. HOLIDAY SUNDAY - DOUBLY wrong. What makes them think we want to talk to them when we are RELAXING??? We DON'T CARE if they are 'exempt' by DNC rules. WE *PAY* for our own phones and service and we DON'T WANT their calls and CANNOT BE FORCED to take them! Now BLOCKED.

Debt collector

Cold call asking if I want a loan. Woman hung up on me when I asked where she got my number. Everything sounded very shady.

Called yesterday, i picked up...SILENT...called again today, i didnt pickup...no message left...idiots.

Called and left a silent message on my "do not call listed" cell.

Calls 3-4 times a day about directory listings

This woman Karen Ryan with the phone number 541-257-1337 call my house no less then 5 to 6 times a day. I ask who it is and No one will talk.
no one:

call from collection agency CSS

This scammer calls numbers on the national do not call list in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. They place calls and do not have an operator on the line when the call is answered in violation of the TCPA. They also violate the TCPA by playing a recorded message without an operator on the line to stop the recording and answer questions. They claim to be in partnership with the IRS and calling taxpayers with over 10,000 in back taxes (not true) and claim they will reduce your taxes by up to 90%. Then they want you to leave a message on their system with your name, amount you owe, and other information and they will 'get back to you quickly.' This is quite clearly a scam trying to rip off people who are scared because of tax problems. Do not provide this scammer any personal information.

Trying to gather info to sell credit card Svs or rip off .. Said they service cc for all users of. Peach tree Quickbooks and several other softwares. Using a magic Jack line almost guarantees this is a scam

This little "mother-f'er" called our business and asked the same questions. When I told him I couldn't give him that info - he hung up on me after telling me "fine, we don't want to do business with people like you". Tried to call him back to tell him to f-off! The phone just rings busy...busy...buys!!!

Just block this number. The guy called asking if I accept credit cards; when I said yes, he jumped into his spiel. I politely but firmly dispatched him, at which point he called back and left a message chastising me for behavior that "wasn't very professional". LOL!
Carole H:

Called to say she was with Sage and wondered if we used Peachtree or MAS 90. Told her if she was with Sage she would know what we used and might even know that Sage has a new name for MAS 90.

Just got a call from this number. The guys asked if he'd called "business name," and I said no. Then asked if he had called a residence, no, or a business, no. After a few seconds of silence, I informed him it was a cell phone. He laughed and said he'd take my number out of the system. So it seems that they are only trying to scam businesses?

Claim to be from credit card processing company, called non-stop.

Report these scammers here:

By State DNC lists:


Received a call from this number. No message. I am DO NOT CALL registry but it doesn't seem to help.

Just got a call, I missed it luckily then googled information. I just blocked it and hopefully won't hear from them at all. Ridiculous.
Fed Up:

This guy called before so I knew it was a sales call. I hung up on him and he called me back. He said "What kind of an idiot hangs up on someone three times? This is supposed to be a business." When I said "excuse me"? he hung up on me. Tried to call back but it appears to be an outgoing phone number only. Very aggressive and annoying.
GR Company:

We just received 3 calls from this number. The guy asked if we took credit cards. We asked if he was interested in doing business with us and he hung up....very shady! I hope no one gets taken by whoever these people are!!

Some guy called me also asking if I accept credit cards.I do but something felt a little weird. I asked him was he interested in doing business with us. He said "maybe" very curtly. I then asked him what type of business he was looking for and he repeated the name of my company. I then went on to ask him what type of services was he looking for. He then chuckled and then hung up the phone.

Of course upon trying the number back.....all I get is a busy signal

This number repeatedly calls and leaves no message. Today I happen to be home and answer. A guys asks if this is XXX Auto? Since I've googled this number before and knew it was a scam, and they did not get the business name correct, I asked who was calling, he said something about evolution credit, I told him he had the wrong number and to stop repeatedly calling and hung up. The dirt bag called 3 more times today. I am blocking this number!