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This Number is a land line number calling from Eugene, Oregon

Who Called Me From 541-225-5622?


Scammer calls to see if our business takes credit cards. I tell them that is non of his business. He tries to tell me that we are overdue on our credit card fees. LOL, our business does not take credit card orders. 100% SCAMMER


Guy calls wanting to talk about evolution for my business tell him not interested and we don't take solicitations, gets aggressive with me Saying do I not want to hear what he has to say I say no and thank him and say good bye he keeps getting aggressive I hang up, he proceeds to call back 3 times asking and telling me about his program


scammers! watch out!


asked if i was "my business name" I asked who it was and how he got my number... no answer but asked if I received payments through debit or credit (I do but through square app) I said no. he said he would take me out of their database. got 3 missed calls from same number minutes after. Im trying to run a business stop locking up my lines!


A guy wants to know If my business processes credit cards then when you say yes, he asks to speak with the decision maker. I didn't even bother to find out for what, once I Googled the # is comes up as a scam


The guy calling me from evolution asks if my business takes credit cards. He didn't call on my business line, so I don't know where he found my number. I told him we didn't take credit cards. He asked if in future we would. Offered program with 1.25% with a $4.95 min. per month. But I need to hold to speak to his supervisor for 5 mins. to learn details. Can you mail it to me? No you need to speak to my supervisor. My response - No thanks..

Another Anon

This guy just called me asking for "the owner" and then asked me to chat about my credit card and business. I hung up on him.


I don't pick-up if I do not recognize the number . . . they are instructed to leave a message. If no message . . . not a real customer :)


This guy called me back after I hung up on him and threatened to look me up the next time he was in my town!!!! Tried calling the chicken sh*t back and no answer!


This guy called and said he was from evolution credit card and asked if I used the square and asked if I wanted to save money on my business transaction??I got curious and started wondering who evolution was and if they were reputable and then I came across this web site sure am glad I did not give him any information; he did get my e-mail address though said he would send me some information that never happened??

no name

This number called and didn't leave a message. Found this page when I googled the number.


These people call daily even though we have told them not to. They call from other numbers as well, some of which are blocked


These people keep calling and never leave a message. I've never answered it b/c I googled it and found this. I am guessing they got my number from the city I live in as I just obtained a business license. Awesome. Way to look after your residents and small business owners. Just what I need.

Good dude

Many thanks to this service. Through some happy accident when I tried re-dialing this number because I'm waiting for a call that might come from Oregon (business related) I got the "All circuits are busy now" message. Small miracle, then checked this site. Thx to all.


This number has called twice this morning and hangs up upon answering. As with all of the other garbage scammer calls, the number cannot be called back. Caller ID reads Timlin Warner C.
Just got a call from the same caller ID...guy asked for our owner by name. He called back immediately to say she was rude and they didn't want our business anyway. GOOD, hopefully they won't call back anymore!!
4 years ago
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