Who is calling or texting from 559-328-2353?
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This Number is a land line number calling from Avenal, California

Who Called Me From 559-328-2353?


Spammers threatening people. Middle eastern callers. Spammers


Irene called to tell me she was from the US Treasury that I had some legal enforcement actions that had begun regarding taxes. She was not authorized to tell me more but I was to call back and speak to David Williams at the US treasury. She could not tell me which unit she was with and had me repeat the phone number back to her. She hung up when I continued to firmly, but politely ask about where she was located. She had a thick accent, which when I have googled this 559-328-2353 people have reported as Indian. However, I had an encounter with a puppy scam artist from Cameroon whose contact number began with 559. They have thick accents too


REceived call on my business line, informing me i was in a big legal mess. could not make out the whole message, thick indian accent


Same as the other commentors. Told I was going to jail, and the police were on their way, etc...


same as other comments - told there was going to be a warrant issued to me no.was 559 328 2372
showed on my phone as 559-444-2044 told to call the other n.

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