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This Number is calling from Fresno, California

Who Called Me From 559-478-4109?

Debra Davis

Par ty from this number states that they are a law office Bates Ferguson and Associates and that I owe for $650 ACH payment that bounced from an old bank account back 2008. The bank states they have nothing to prove that they returned any such request for payment in that amount or any other amount. I did receive loans from a couple of different loan companies but I paid those off after I received options to pay but the company they say I received a loan from was Payday Loan Yes which I have never heard of and the Bank doesn't show that I received a deposit in the amount that they are requesting. But I am concerned due to they knew the last four digits of my old bank account and my social security number, but they have the old address and not my new one.

Fresno CA

Northwest Exteriors: It's a legit company, but perhaps some of their appointment reps work from home. Rep was following up on a quote in hopes I was ready to schedule an installation date.
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