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This Number is calling from Pahokee, Florida

Who Called Me From 561-349-5264?

Joan Emery

"Ava from RCI" called to tell us that our bonus weeks from RC! could be rented out for large sums of money if we paid to have them opened for trading... at a this time fee of $249 per week or a one-time fee of $1500. Which at the moment we could get back right away as they had people ready and willing to pay $1700 a week in Houston for a big golf tournament in March 2018. We supposedly had 4 bonus weeks at the moment and would receive 2 more in January 2018. When I asked why we knew nothing about 4 extra weeks when we had paid to have our trading points extended, she said that it was on the website but most people didn't notice it. I said that my husband handled all of these things and could she call back to speak to him in an hour. We then searched the RCI website and called them to see if any of this was true. It was not true. So I looked up the telephone number 561-349-5261 and here you are????
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