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This Number is a land line number calling from Berwick, Pennsylvania

Who Called Me From 570-218-9383?


This number has called a few times. It shows it is a landline in Berwick PA but the number is not listed. Has anybody had any calls from this number? They do not leave a message and I rarely get calls from numbers I do not recognize. Rarely as in once every 1-2 months in all honest. I am baffled who would be calling from Berwick as this shows. Thank You


I just got a call from that number as well, refuse to answer any number I don't know...they didn't leave msg either...prob telemarketing call.


We have been getting this call for several months and around 2 times a week. I finally dialed them back and told them to remove my number. We are on the no call list. I didn't even ask who they were but it is some sort of business since I was put on hold until "the next available agent was available."


That number called me todayand no one spoke back to me. My facebook and fb messenger were accessed right after that from Miami Fla. I wonder if it's related


This number has called several times today, I called it back and I asked who I was calling, they said someone( an name I was not familiar with) must have filled out a web survey and they appologized and hung up.


got a call from this number today no message left. called back and an auto message said please hold for next agent. i hung up and used the block number feature on my cell.
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