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This Number is calling from Hazleton, Pennsylvania

Who Called Me From 570-599-2454?


Someone used this number on an order from our website. The same # was used as the number for the recipient. Order was placed using a North Carolina address. It was shipped to Roshell Brown at 7447 N. Wayside Dr. Appt 3301 Houston, TX 77028. Today, we received another order using this same phone # - 570-599-2454. Order was from California and was to be shipped to Annetta Bland 1806 Jan Drive Apt. B Hopkinsville, KY. We suspect that these are two fraudulent orders. It would seem that the two recipients are in on the scam. If so, beware of any orders going to those addresses.
I'm writing this in a spirit of warning other businesses. We got caught off guard - you can benefit from our loss by heeding this warning.


Someone used this number to place an order from California shipping to jefferson city, Missouri 65101. We think it is a fraudulent order.
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