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This Number is calling from Rochester, New York

Who Called Me From 585-568-6665?


Got a call from a guy with a very heavy Indian accent warning about an IRS trouble. Number: 585-568-6665.


Me too!


Got one as well.


Me too and I asked why r u calling on weekend they asked me to call an extension mentioning it is serious


Me too


Same here. Caller identified himself as Peter Brown of the Internal Revenue Service.


Same and he told m e and asked to call dexter crew at extension 359 ,when I called it is going blank


Same thing. He said needed to talk to my husband about a "tax deficiency" - sounded fishy. I asked to be put on the do not call list, and he said this was not a "marketing call", but that my husband needed to call him back.


Same guy called back today and he wanted to talk to my wife. I said what do you want sternly and he hung up. He said he was david brown from internal revenue service, which is a bunch of lie. I'm going to check with IRS about someone impersonating as them.


Received same call today. Foreign accented guy . He said his name was Victor Collins and we needed to call himback or have our attorney call regarding deficient income tax. I sent all info in a complaint to our Attorney General's office.


He called before 7:00 a.m. with a SCAM call in an accent heavily foreign and barely understandable telling me we had problems with IRS. We hung up!! Obvious Scam but very inconsiderate at that hour of the morning.

Elmore Q. Bobo

this guy called me on Friday the th 17th Monday the the 20th of January 2014, he has heavy accent , he said that he is Internal Revenue Agent he left his numbe 585-568-6665, I attempted to call that number but there was no answer


This guy called today (1/20/2014) asking us to call this number back as we have a deficient tax return case. He sounded a scammer:
1. Foreign accent hard to understand
2. This 585 number is always busy, or "cannot be completed as dialed"
3. He failed to provide answer on which year of tax return for our case
4. He couldn't provide a case number
5. A real tax problem never gets resolved over the phone. A formal letter with IRS letterhead is a must

Be ware, don't fall victim of this type of low tech scammers!


this guy called me on Monday morning 20th of January 2014, he has heavy Indian accent , he said that he is Internal Revenue Agent he left his number 585-568-6665, I attempted to call that number but there was no answer
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