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This Number is a land line number calling from Phoenix, Arizona

Who Called Me From 602-412-4976?


starts with "Do you have a moment?"
I did not reply. He hung up.


This number calls all the time and either hangs up when I answer or finds out that someone he is looking for is not available then hangs up.


I received a phone call at work. I have an unusual name, and they had it messed up. I told them that no such person existed, but they are probably trying to reach me. The person said they were an assistant to a Sharri Wayendt (even spelled the last name.) They kept persisting about talking to someone with the butchered version of my name. When I asked what it was regarding, they refused to provide that information. I ended up hanging up on them.


I suspect they're trolling for something... they randomly dialed my number - didn't leave a message.


who are these people


By the timing between calls they are apparently back to it June 2015
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