Who is calling or texting from 603-570-9019?
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This Number is a land line number calling from Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Who Called Me From 603-570-9019?


Robo call telling me I lost my MasterCard. When I called the number back it says the number is disconnected.
Anonymous 2:
They are scammers...do not call this number. They are trying to get your information so they can take your money.
5 years ago




Just got the missed call. Called back. Disconnected. Thank you for the previous posts.
RC Foster:
Same thing just happened to me
5 years ago


Called me yesterday, left no voicemail... Called back today from a different phone and recording stated the # was not in service


This is weird. I just traveled to Portsmouth NH this weekend and got this call Monday. Thought it was my friend who lives up there. Didn't pick up since I am at work but wonder if they somehow got my cell number while I was up there or if it is a coincidence. ???
jon jay:
they may be the government watching you. they are trying to determine your location via a cell tower. they may have reason to watch you is your friend involved in drugs or some illegal activity. they have voice recognition they count on folks to think they are just scammers but they are actually shootingyour phone with a device called a "stingray" to intercept and listen to your calls and track your movement. You can google police stingray device. The government is very hi tech be careful traveler.
5 years ago


Called my cell….grrrrr I hate scammers, didn't leave message. I do not answer calls at work or when I don't know the number EVER


They are still at it. Called 11/13/14 3:00 PM and didn't leave a message.


Just received a call less that two minutes ago. No message left.


Did not answer since I did not know the number, no voice mail


Called me this morning. A machine message saying I won a cruise to the Bahamas.


Called, left no message. Called back, "all circuits are busy"


Called my cell this morning. I didn't know the number and I don't know anyone in that area so did not pick up.


Called my cell this morning. Did not leave msg. Did not pick-up as unknown number


Called and didn't leave a message.


They called me today, left no message. I looked up the number and ended up here. Glad I found this place. :-)
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