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This Number is a land line number calling from Binghamton, New York

Who Called Me From 607-821-4186?


General Revenue Corporation
PO Box 495999
Cincinatti, OH 45249
888-710-6817 phone
513-605-7307 fax #

Trying to collect a student loan I never had. I never borrowed as much as they were trying to collect AND I paid it back IN FULL years ago. No documentation sent, just a collection letter. I responded with a CRRR letter stating I believed it to be a mistake and, in turn, got a more threatening letter stating that I had never responded. Followed by another letter a day later that my credit and employment situation would be investigated. Who keeps records for over twenty years? And those banks do not even exist anymore. I asked them to prove it was my debt by sending documentation to my current address.

Funny how their PO Box and phone numbers do NOT match those on the GRC website! This has got to be a scam!

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